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Pos Name Team Name WP PlyrLegsLegs PPW AS AVG PTS
1Justin CorriePittsburgh Sports Bar 210661590.4536610
2Jim RaffertyMcClaren's Bar1411751480.74416450
2Chris YelenovskyPittsburgh Sports Bar15402.67550.5116040
4John LongoPittsburgh Sports Bar14674.29840.5009440
4Paul ManculichPittsburgh Sports Bar151065.331500.70815980
4Sidney VaughnCannonsburg Eagles II81227.5940.7459820
7Gary KiddNico's121115.831200.53513390
7Bob VavraBeadling Sportsmans Club 12728.33820.6258740
7Bill EastCannonsburg Eagles II10694690.6846940
10Matt SerenaJust Jaks121148.331260.41713780
10Patrick ElstonJust Jaks12781.67850.3899380
10Bruce CottrellNico's111108.181080.58512190
13Bryan PasqualePittsburgh Sports Bar 210300260.2593000
13Bob WaltonBeadling Sportsmans Club 12925.831000.70811110
13Jim HillJust Jaks12466.67520.4445600
13Bob WestellBeadling Sportsmans Club 12730820.7228760
13Stephen SorochmanMcKees Rocks Amer Legion9880690.5747920
13Mike KoperaSports & Spirits 111698.18680.3547680
19Lucas PalumbiJust Jaks8720530.3755760
19Scott LilesMcClaren's Bar1510161400.73315240
21P.A. DunoffMcKees Rocks Amer Legion15464680.4186960
21Devyn CroughPittsburgh Sports Bar15353.33490.4495300
21Michael SmithNico's51148530.5335740
21Herb ScheeserSports & Spirits 115116160.2231740
21Josh MeyerCannonsburg Eagles II11981.821050.65210800
26Zac JenkinsPittsburgh Sports Bar 25480210.4142400
26Jason SemanPittsburgh Sports Bar 27220150.2501540
26Jackie NicholsCannonsburg Eagles II6326.67180.4121960
26Michelle SeptakPittsburgh Sports Bar222040.571440
26Ron DulakMcClaren's Bar9266.67220.8202400
26Stephan Foor JRMcKees Rocks Amer Legion15190.67300.3602860
32John DouglasBeadling Sportsmans Club 12265320.5693180
32Bobby OwensCannonsburg Eagles II6700380.6184200
32Tim FrizzelCannonsburg Eagles II132031.000320
32Brian PorterNico's5260120.3331300
32Chad CrawfordCannonsburg Eagles II3520150.6671560
32Andrew ImmekusCannonsburg Eagles II132030.667320
32Steve ThompsonCannonsburg Eagles II3713.33190.5002140
32John LefevreJust Jaks2510100.6671020
32Brian KirasicMcClaren's Bar122020.500220
32Mike AducciPittsburgh Sports Bar 2948.8940.224440
32Tim SinagraMcClaren's Bar12445490.8435340
32B.Jay WeissMcClaren's Bar8377.5270.8703020
44Brian BatkoMcClaren's Bar134030.333340
44Dan Crough Pittsburgh Sports Bar100000000
44Jane LeongSports & Spirits 1166060.500660
44Stephan Foor SRMcKees Rocks Amer Legion1424.2930.337340
44Jeff McCaffertyMcClaren's Bar1001.0000
44Sara LynchNico's2000.2220
44Jody VillellaSports & Spirits 1215030.333300
44Joe BoppMcKees Rocks Amer Legion2000.1430
44Kevin DulakMcClaren's Bar25010.700100
44Steve SUBNico's69050.361540
44Marissa McGillSports & Spirits 12100200000200
44Frank MatejcicMcKees Rocks Amer Legion110011.000100
44Bobby NeiderPittsburgh Sports Bar 2120020.250200
44Gary DohenyNico's5584260.3672920
44Steve KellyNico's142040.250420
44Kim SubSports & Spirits 1210030.167200
44Steve MichalakPittsburgh Sports Bar 2176070.167760
44Rob YurgaJust Jaks210020.286200
44Joe JonesNico's11020100.6671020
44Mike AntonettiSports & Spirits 1955.5650.278500
44Brad SlepeckiPittsburgh Sports Bar 2100000000
44Eva SunnyPittsburgh Sports Bar 2110010.167100
44George StieglerNico's1000.5000
44Therese ScheeserSports & Spirits 115296420.2714440
44Mike VojtashPittsburgh Sports Bar 2420080.200800
44Toul SUBJust Jaks114010.400140
44Jerry KormickMcKees Rocks Amer Legion4220110.565880
44AI SUBPittsburgh Sports Bar 2239060.455780
44Pudge Manculich (SUB)Pittsburgh Sports Bar 22000.7000

WP - Weeks Played
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
PTS - Points
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