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Pos Name Team Name WP PlyrLegsLegsLegs PPW AS AVG PTS
1Gary KiddPittsburgh Sports Bar 28797.5600.7216380
1Bob WaltonBeadling Sportsmans Club 10672630.7456720
1Bob WestellBeadling Sportsmans Club 10485440.6554850
1Matt SerenaJust Jaks101060990.65010600
1Patrick ElstonJust Jaks10736680.6177360
6Michelle SeptakPittsburgh Sports Bar10404370.4004040
7Jason PaterchakPittsburgh Sports Bar 27311.43200.6252180
7Paul ManculichPittsburgh Sports Bar91108.89900.4909980
7Bryan PasqualePittsburgh Sports Bar 29742.22620.6006680
7Kelly FritchmanCannonsburg Eagles II8292.5240.5112340
7Lucas PalumbiJust Jaks9942.22760.5748480
7Jim HillJust Jaks9584.44490.6485260
7Bob VavraBeadling Sportsmans Club 10574520.7275740
14Josh MeyerCannonsburg Eagles II10967870.5349670
14Justin CorriePittsburgh Sports Bar 29504.44430.5474540
14John DouglasBeadling Sportsmans Club 10366350.6853660
14John LongoPittsburgh Sports Bar10622570.3756220
18Alan MatthewsBeadling Sportsmans Club 5860370.8464300
18Gary DohenyPittsburgh Sports Bar 25460210.7592300
18Jackie NicholsCannonsburg Eagles II6583.33320.6003500
18Jerry KormickMcKees Rocks Amer Legion8442.5320.3133540
18Devyn CroughPittsburgh Sports Bar10178170.3151780
23Dave ConstantMcKees Rocks Amer Legion3340100.2781020
23Sidney VaughnCannonsburg Eagles II41175420.6094700
23Chad CrawfordCannonsburg Eagles II4345120.5651380
26John KiserJust Jaks152050.500520
26Cathy GalesJust Jaks130030.333300
26Johnny Longo (SUB)Cannonsburg Eagles II134030.500340
26Bobby OwensCannonsburg Eagles II3606.67170.5561820
26Frank PodnarMcKees Rocks Amer Legion514060.167700
26Stephan Foor JRMcKees Rocks Amer Legion10256230.0832560
26Stephan Foor SRMcKees Rocks Amer Legion10000.0680
33Mike ?McKees Rocks Amer Legion100000000
33Ron DulakPittsburgh Sports Bar 21000.3330
33Bill EastCannonsburg Eagles II11220100.5001220
33Mike AducciPittsburgh Sports Bar 21001.0000
33Chris YelenovskyPittsburgh Sports Bar519290.130960
33Joe BoppMcKees Rocks Amer Legion110010.167100
33Bruce CottrellPittsburgh Sports Bar 2310020.647300
33P.A. DunoffMcKees Rocks Amer Legion1540500000540
33Steve ThompsonCannonsburg Eagles II4390150.4351560
33Bobby NiederPittsburgh Sports Bar1200200000200
33Clay LittleMcKees Rocks Amer Legion100000000
33Jason SemanPittsburgh Sports Bar 22001.0000

WP - Weeks Played
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
PTS - Points
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