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Pos Name Team Name WP PlyrLegsLegsLegs W/L PPW AS AVG PTS
1Alan MatthewsBeadling Sportsmans Club 627-51316.67720.8447900
2Adam PittmanMcKees Rocks Amer Legion614-221240700.3897440
3Paul ManculichPittsburgh Sports Bar626-101170680.7227020
4Gary KiddPittsburgh Sports Bar 2627-91056.67600.7506340
5Bryan PasqualePittsburgh Sports Bar 2626-10920510.7225520
6Bob WaltonBeadling Sportsmans Club 624-8863.33470.7505180
7Josh MeyerThe Royal Place515-15884410.5004420
8John LongoPittsburgh Sports Bar621-15713.33390.5834280
9Shawn BarnishMcKees Rocks Amer Legion510-20732340.3333660
10Bill EastThe Royal Place413-11905330.5423620
11Bob VavraBeadling Sportsmans Club 623-11506.67290.6763040
12Scott LilesThe Royal Place417-7725260.7082900
13Zac JenkinsThe Royal Place413-11690250.5422760
14Joe BoppMcKees Rocks Amer Legion59-21548250.3002740
15Tom SmithMcKees Rocks Amer Legion512-18540250.4002700
16Michelle SeptakPittsburgh Sports Bar516-14504230.5332520
17Bob WestellBeadling Sportsmans Club 411-8610210.5792440
18Devyn CroughPittsburgh Sports Bar517-13440190.5672200
19Brad SlepeckiPittsburgh Sports Bar 2314-4720200.7782160
20John DouglasBeadling Sportsmans Club 623-8353.33190.7422120
21Sidney VaughnThe Royal Place211-11000180.9172000
22Joe PodvoricPittsburgh Sports Bar 2312-6653.33150.6671960
23Stephen SorochmanThe Royal Place16-01740161.0001740
24Joe JonesPittsburgh Sports Bar 228-4790140.6671580
25Andrew ImmekusBaltimore House37-11366.67100.3891100
26P.A. DunoffMcKees Rocks Amer Legion28-451090.6671020
27Bobby NeiderPittsburgh Sports Bar210-250090.8331000
28Bobby OwensThe Royal Place15-192080.833920
29Mike VojtashPennsbury Pub52-2718080.069900
30Tom DeakinBaltimore House45-1916560.208660
31Bobbi-Jo TurnerThe Royal Place15-162060.833620
32Bruce CottrellPittsburgh Sports Bar 228-429050.667580
33Chris DulakBaltimore House21-1123050.083460
34Jeff DatresPennsbury Pub52-268040.071400
35Kelly FritchmanPennsbury Pub56-236830.207340
36Jackie NicholsThe Royal Place13-328020.500280
37Eric WittmerBaltimore House44-205520.167220
38Gary DohenyPittsburgh Sports Bar 215-110010.833100
38Eva SunnyPennsbury Pub53-252010.107100
38Justin CorrieBaltimore House21-115010.083100
38Frank PodnarMcKees Rocks Amer Legion11-510010.167100
38Lisa SchafferBaltimore House43-212510.125100
43Pam FranzBaltimore House10-600000000
43Bill CooperPennsbury Pub10-100000000
43Harry HennonPittsburgh Sports Bar 216-0001.0000
43Kelvin van den HaasBaltimore House11-5000.1670

WP - Weeks Played
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
PTS - Points
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