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 Match Result

Away Team Total Wins Total Wins Home Team
Paddys The Dart Knights 3 14 Knickerbocker LCFCM

 All Stars

Away Team  All Stars   All Stars  Home Team
Paddys The Dart Knights 14 28 Knickerbocker LCFCM

 All Star Breakdown

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All Stars

Name of Player All Star Type # Hit Throw Score
Sean KelleyRO's111
Sean KelleyTons1321
Levi Remick180's1 
Levi RemickRO's116
Levi RemickTons Hot Hand1760
Levi RemickTons1760
Jimmy TranfagliaRO's14
Jimmy TranfagliaTons1344
Jimmy TranfagliaHat Trick11
Jimmy TranfagliaLow Dart 601124
Chris DozoisHigh In1120
Chris DozoisRO's116
Chris DozoisTons1450
Chris DozoisHat Trick11
Anthony MarcheseRO's16
Anthony MarcheseTons1258
Adam BellevilleRO's128
Adam BellevilleTons1125
Adam BellevilleHat Trick11
Dave DwyerRO's118
Dave DwyerTons1463
Dave DwyerLow Dart Doubles 501117
Bryan ComtoisTons1357
Oscar Flores180's1 
Oscar FloresHigh Out1111
Oscar FloresRO's15
Oscar FloresTons1425
Oscar FloresLow Dart Doubles Cricket117
Scott VyeHigh In1105
Scott VyeRO's137
Scott VyeLow Dart 301112
Scott VyeTons1579
Scott VyeLow Dart Doubles 501117
Scott VyeRo's Hot Hand137
Scott VyeLow Dart 601124
Chris RobbinsRO's17
Chris RobbinsTons1200
Pat P-MAC McKeon180's1 
Pat P-MAC McKeonRO's126
Pat P-MAC McKeonTons1630
Pat P-MAC McKeonLow Dart Doubles Cricket117
Pat P-MAC McKeonLow Dart 601124