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 Match Result

Away Team Total Wins Total Wins Home Team
Knickerbocker 8 Dicks & 1 Chick 13 4 Paddys The Dart Knights

 Match Breakdown

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 All Stars

Away Team  All Stars   All Stars  Home Team
Knickerbocker 8 Dicks & 1 Chick 30 18 Paddys The Dart Knights

 All Star Breakdown

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All Stars

Name of Player All Star Type # Hit Throw Score
Tom SawyerHigh In1120
Tom SawyerRO's129
Tom SawyerTons1563
Tom SawyerLow Dart Doubles 501121
Tom SawyerHat Trick11
Tom SawyerLow Dart 601125
Sean KelleyHigh In1100
Sean KelleyRO's15
Sean KelleyTons1301
Mickey Fearon Jr.Tons1100
Jason DemersRO's125
Jason DemersTons Hot Hand1798
Jason DemersTons1798
Jason DemersLow Dart Doubles Cricket122
Jason DemersLow Dart 601125
Chris DozoisRO's110
Chris DozoisTons1246
Chris DozoisHat Trick11
Anthony MarcheseHigh In1100
Anthony MarcheseRO's133
Anthony MarcheseRO-91 
Anthony MarcheseTons1465
Anthony MarcheseRo's Hot Hand133
Bryan ComtoisHigh Out1109
Bryan ComtoisRO's112
Bryan ComtoisTons1449
Chris RobbinsRO's119
Chris RobbinsTons1400
Chris RobbinsHat Trick11
Scott MoranRO's117
Scott MoranTons1340
Scott MoranLow Dart Doubles Cricket122
Scott MoranLow Dart 601125
Bruce Robbins180's1 
Bruce RobbinsRO's112
Bruce RobbinsLow Dart 30119
Bruce RobbinsTons1480
Bruce RobbinsLow Dart 601125
Dan Robbins180's1 
Dan RobbinsHigh In1105
Dan RobbinsRO's115
Dan RobbinsTons1642
Dan RobbinsLow Dart 601125
Brendan MillsRO's119
Brendan MillsRO-91 
Brendan MillsTons1478
Brendan MillsLow Dart Doubles 501121
Brendan MillsLow Dart 601125