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 Match Result

Away Team Total Wins Total Wins Home Team
Boathouse Bombers 7 10 Nab On the Pond

 All Stars

Away Team  All Stars   All Stars  Home Team
Boathouse Bombers 10 9 Nab On the Pond

 All Star Breakdown

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All Stars

Name of Player All Star Type # Hit Throw Score
Jon ArdenRO's15
Jon ArdenTons1200
Jon ArdenRo's Hot Hand15
Jon ArdenLow Dart 601141
Melissa DarisseLow Dart Doubles 501137
Tim DarisseTons1225
Tim DarisseLow Dart Doubles 501137
Rich ParksTons1116
Kenny HoustonLow Dart Doubles Cricket144
Ron BrowersRO's15
Ron BrowersLow Dart 301117
Ron BrowersTons1100
Ron BrowersRo's Hot Hand15
Ron Browers JrTons Hot Hand1240
Ron Browers JrTons1240
Kevin WhitcombTons1105
Kevin WhitcombLow Dart Doubles Cricket144
Bruce MacKenzieLow Dart 601141
Derick GreenawayLow Dart 601141