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 Match Result

Home Team Total Wins Total Wins Away Team
Dom Polski Good Yourself? 7 10 RJs Bassholes II

 All Stars

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Dom Polski Good Yourself? 16 19 RJs Bassholes II

 All Star Breakdown

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All Stars

Name of Player All Star Type # Hit Throw Score
Darryl GreeneRO's15
Darryl GreeneLow Dart 301117
Darryl GreeneTons1300
Darryl GreeneLow Dart Doubles 501129
Darryl GreeneLow Dart Doubles 501129
Fred DavisTons1110
Eric EZ ZerbinopoulosTons1100
Tony CudiaRO's15
Tony CudiaTons1100
Ed AmosRO's15
Jared BretonHigh In1140
Jared BretonRO's15
Jared BretonTons1140
Bob ShepardTons1125
Bob ShepardLow Dart 601139
Dennis SavardRO's17
Kurt LambroukosRO's15
Kurt LambroukosLow Dart 301117
Kurt LambroukosTons Hot Hand1480
Kurt LambroukosTons1480
Kurt LambroukosLow Dart Doubles Cricket126
Henry GrimardRO's16
Henry GrimardTons1200
Henry GrimardLow Dart 601139
Olly ChanthabounRO's15
Olly ChanthabounTons1120
Olly ChanthabounLow Dart 601139
Brian BerndstonTons1106
Brian BerndstonLow Dart Doubles Cricket126
Chris PickettRO's110
Chris PickettTons1212
Chris PickettRo's Hot Hand110
Chris PickettLow Dart 6011112
Jennifer BarrettLow Dart Doubles 501129
Larry GreyLow Dart Doubles 501129