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 Match Result

Home Team Total Wins Total Wins Away Team
Knickerbocker Dart Knights 8 9 Knickerbocker The 9

 All Stars

Home Team  All Stars   All Stars  Away Team
Knickerbocker Dart Knights 16 17 Knickerbocker The 9

 All Star Breakdown

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All Stars

Name of Player All Star Type # Hit Throw Score
Tom SawyerHigh In1115
Tom SawyerRO's135
Tom SawyerRO-91 
Tom SawyerTons1855
Tom SawyerRo's Hot Hand135
Jason DemersRO's114
Jason DemersTons1465
Anthony MarcheseHigh In1120
Anthony MarcheseRO's120
Anthony MarcheseTons1886
Anthony MarcheseHat Trick11
Rich GingrasRO's123
Rich GingrasTons1680
Adam BellevilleRO's123
Adam BellevilleTons1363
Jay OgasianRO's122
Jay OgasianTons1425
Tony BT BenjaminRO's123
Tony BT BenjaminTons1508
Brandon NewcombRO's15
Brandon NewcombTons1380
Tom CurtinHigh In1160
Tom CurtinRO's131
Tom CurtinRO-91 
Tom CurtinTons1983
Brendan MillsRO's132
Brendan MillsTons11053
Kevin CollinsHigh In1100
Kevin CollinsRO's113
Kevin CollinsTons Hot Hand11223
Kevin CollinsTons11223
John KeoghRO's111
John KeoghTons1508