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Pos Name Division WP 301PSCD501601CD PPW AS LD601dcrild301scrid501H.I.H.O.THHTons180RHHRO'sRO-6CRO-9HT AVG PTS
1Boathouse BombersD38-08-06-22-21-13-1133146382430N/A10603461173017980000.76539
2East End Menace to SobrietyA36-25-35-34-00-22-211.3335N/A311716240124110532871653280020.66734
3Knickerbocker LCFCM - C Super A33-54-45-33-11-13-11139412091616160010384102303310030.64733
4Captain John's Krazy KrewC35-36-25-32-21-12-210.67274142203038120006470211030000.62732
5British Club BT & CompanyA34-46-25-32-21-14-010.33384119N/A2621120082733310973730250.60831
6O'Hara's Buck ShotC34-43-54-43-11-12-29.672340N/AN/A2838003401065027630100.56929
6Smokehouse 4 T's & an AB28-06-28-04-01-12-214.5294519151620100094120510611720020.85329
8Kinckerbocker LCFCM - A Super A35-34-44-42-22-02-29.333730N/A30N/A2011210972237062723560240.54928
9Knickerbocker Pricks & PussiesA34-44-43-52-22-01-3833343411251811510572032060512190000.47124
10Nab On the PondC34-45-34-41-30-23-17.6722N/A4614N/A35003001178018810000.45123
10Dom Polski Good Yourself?B25-36-25-33-11-13-111.5324820920221160101724540241010000.67623
12Knickerbocker DartaholicsB31-73-52-61-30-22-2722N/A32N/AN/A1900015870471380010.41221
12Knickerbocker 7 Dicks Super A32-65-34-33-11-13-17492118101714120106135451101733080430.42021
14Knickerbocker No Skill, Just LuckyD35-34-42-61-31-11-36.671362742234N/A00010007240000.39220
15Knickerbocker LCFCM-B Super A36-23-52-50-40-20-46.3325N/AN/AN/A27N/A146140029682642960010.38019
16Knickerbocker Pep & the GangC33-52-63-52-22-01-3620374017293210500265030520000.35318
17PSC Triple Diablo'sD21-72-65-33-12-03-18294643N/A32301000112533015450010.47116
18Sports Zone GreenwaveA32-61-73-50-41-11-34.332629N/A12N/AN/A012402533002310120.25513
19Jokers Bent ShaftsB32-61-71-70-42-01-341246N/AN/AN/AN/A000110100690010.23512
20A-Brews Dream TeamD22-62-63-52-20-21-3511N/AN/A20N/A480020031400320000.29410

WP - Weeks Played
301 - 301
PS - Patriot Singles
C - Cricket
D501 - 501 Doubles
601 - 601 Triples
CD - Cricket Doubles
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
LD601 - Low Dart 601
dcri - Low Dart Doubles Cricket
ld301 - Low Dart 301
scri - Low Dart Singles Cricket
d501 - Low Dart Doubles 501
H.I. - High In
H.O. - High Out
THH - Tons Hot Hand
Tons - Tons
180 - 180's
RHH - Ro's Hot Hand
RO's - RO's
RO-6C - RO-6 Cork
RO-9 - RO-9
HT - Hat Trick
PTS - Points
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