Tuesday, September 25, 2018: Week 1

A Nightmare on Elm Street @ Anger Management (Mayday Malone's)
Dart Bags 1 @ McMurphy's (McMurphy's Bar)
Screaming Eagles @ Pit Bulls (Christie Pits Pub)
Worst Guys @ Wicketkeepers (The Wicket)
Tungsten Ticklers @ Harp Thunder (Kilt and Harp Pub)
Dart Demons @ Bored Members (Leaside Pub)
Maysie's Crazies @ Greeks (Rails & Ales)
Throwers @ Shootn' Schitt (Leaside Pub)
All Blacks @ #DCMC (Eagle's Club)
Bad Influences @ Dart Bags (Gabby's Roncesvalles)
The Nasty Boyz @ Bullseyes (Thirsty Fox Pub)
Toronto Style @ Meaty Oakers (Toronto Style Bar & Grill)
Hi Lo Bar @ Danforth Arrows (Billiards Academy)
Flight Club @ Dart Vaders (Artful Dodger)
Bayview Originals @ Leaside Rovers (Leaside Pub)
Balrogs @ Bull Dogs (Christie Pits Pub)
C Eagles @ Bulls on Parade (Christie Pits Pub)
Dart Tarts @ Annie's Soaring Eagles (Eagle's Club)