Tuesday, June 25, 2019: Week 4

Summer A
McMurphys @ Anger Management (Midtown Gastro Hub)
Same Old Bulls Hit @ Dart Slingers (Rose & Crown)
Oche-Holics @ Joe's Garage (RCL BR 22)
C Eagles @ Double Ones (Rose & Crown)
Bayview Originals @ K-9 Darters (Eagle's Club)
Red Rovers @ Grave Diggers (Leaside Pub)
Liquid Assets @ Ticklers 2.0 (Leaside Pub)
Julian's Gems @ Danforth Arrows (Billiards Academy)
Tall Boys @ Dartaholics (The Right Wing)
Shootn' Schitt @ Greeks (Rails & Ales)
Bad Influences @ Pit Bulls (Christie Pits Pub)
Worst Guys @ Bulls on Parade (Christie Pits Pub)
The Nasty Boyz @ Dart Bags 1 (Gabby's Roncesvalles)
Here Comes Treble @ Raging Bulls (Boo Radley's)
Toronto Style @ Beers Before Bulls (Christie Pits Pub)
The Stepbrothers @ Thirsty Foxes (Thirsty Fox Pub)