Tuesday, February 25, 2020: Week 18

A Division
McMurphys @ The Thirsty Foxes (Thirsty Fox Pub)
Anger Management @ Wicketkeepers (The Wicket)
Nomads @ Dart Bags 1 (Gabby's Roncesvalles)
Screaming Eagles @ Worst Guys (Christie Pits Pub)
B West
Bulls on Parade @ Toronto Style (Toronto Style Bar & Grill)
#DCMC @ Pit Bulls (Christie Pits Pub)
The Nasty Boyz @ d'Artagnans (Eagle's Club)
A Nightmare on Elm Street @ All Blacks (The Dock Ellis)
Beers Before Bulls @ C Eagles (Eagle's Club)
Raging Bulls @ The Stepbrothers (Sidestreet Bar)
Dart Bags 2 @ Crooked Numbers (The Dock Ellis)
Darts of Hazzard @ Here Comes Treble (Christie Pits Pub)
B East
Throwers @ Greeks (Rails & Ales)
The ExpendaBulls @ Dart Demons (RCL Branch 11)
Dart Vaders @ The Fluid Druids (Leaside Pub)
C East
Super Freaks @ Annie's Soaring Eagles (Eagle's Club)
Flight Club @ Darty Deeds (Leaside Pub)
Rabble Rousers @ Danforth Arrows (Billiards Academy)