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Queen Street Dart League - News

Week 2 Playoffs

Summer A Division
McMurphy's (6) at Dubliners (1-Dublin Calling)
Pit Bulls (5) at Kilted Elited (2-Kilt & Harp)

Summer B Division
Gravediggers (7) at Russell's Rascals (1-Leaside Pub)
Bored Members (5) at Shootn' Schitt (3-Leaside Pub)

Summer C Division
Bayview Originals (5) at Greeks (1-Rails and Ales)
Balrogs (3) at Dart Bags (2-Gabbys)

Added on: Wednesday, August 15, 2018

AGM Election Results

Thanks for all who turned up this past Tuesday or gave proxies to other members for voting.

Other than elections for the Executive committee, no major items were voted on.

Election results:

Paul LeBlanc by Acclamation (2 year term)

Chris DeVos by Acclamation 

Luisa Salerno by Acclamation

Executive at Large
James Potter by Acclamation

The position of Vice President was not up for election as it is a 2 year term that began last AGM. This position will be open at the next AGM

Added on: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2018 Playoff Results - Week 1


Christie Pits Premier over Nomads
Gravediggers over Dubliners

A Div

Screaming Eagles over Bullseyes
A Shot in the Dock over Tungsten Ticklers
McMurphy's over Kilted Elite
Wicketkeepers over Anger Management

B West

#DCMC over Dart Bags
Nightmare on Elm Street over Dart Vaders
Three Strong Strokes over Bad Influences (1001)
All Blacks over Toronto Style

B East

Greeks over Maysies Crazies
Throwers over Dart Demons
Harp Thunder over Danforth Arrows (1001)
Bored Members over Rogues and Rovers


Meaty Oakers over Stagger Ins  
C Eagles over Dubliners 2 (1001)
Dart Tarts over Black Rats
Focus Group over Balrogs

Added on: Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2017-2018 Calendar

Q.S.D.L. Calendar of Remaining Events 2018 – Note: Dates may be subject to change

Apr. 10 – Playoffs Wk 1

Saturday April 14 - Top 16 Tournament

Apr. 17 – Playoffs Wk 2

Apr. 24 – Playoffs Wk 3

May 1 - Overall B Finals Playoffs

May 8 – Banquet - Registration for Summer begins

May 15 - AGM

May 30 - Summer Registration ends


Note: Dates may be slightly different for Premier Division

Added on: Friday, December 1, 2017

Leg Count for A, B and C Division

The leg count function is now available.
Please re-enter your week 1 results.

Added on: Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Start of Play

The start of play will be on Tues Oct. 3.

We need a few more days to create the first 7 weeks of schedules, and will announce when they are complete and ready for captains' review.

Added on: Wednesday, September 20, 2017

AGM Results

Summary of Tues. Sept. 12 AGM:

  • By Laws were passed with unanimous consent
  • Our treasurer advised that we have a balance of $4,000 in our account to start the year
  • Next AGM will be no more thaan 3 weeks following the completion of playoffs t end of year.

Results of voting for the executive committee:

  • President - Paul LeBlanc finished Year 1 of a 2 year term, so position was not up for election
  • Vice-President - Dave Cunningham - ACCLAIMED
  • Treasurer - Luisa Salerno - ACCLAIMED
  • Secretary - Chris Devos - ACCLAIMED
  • Member at Large - James Potter - ACCLAIMED
As a result there are no changes to the membership of the board.

Full minutes will be made available to members in good standing in the near future.

Added on: Thursday, September 14, 2017

Registered Teams - Fall 2017

Here is a list of teams to date.

Note: Your team MUST be registered by Tues. Sept. 12 7:30PM in order to have a vote at the AGM.

If your team is listed but you have registered, please contact us at:

Dart Bags 1
Kilted Elite

Worst Guys
Dart Tarts
Stagger Ins
Bad Influences
Anger Management
Dart Bags
Dart Bags 2
Danforth Arrows
All Blacks
Dart Demons
Tungsten Ticklers
Dart Vaders
Screaming Eagles
C Eagles
Bored Members
Rogues and Rovers
Meaty Oakers
Toronto Style
Maysies Crazies
Focus Group
Black Rats
Harp Thunder
Wicket 2
Dubliners 2

Added on: Sunday, September 10, 2017

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Added on: Thursday, June 26, 2014