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Team W7W6W5W4W3 Win-Loss WLT D501DCS401 Last 5 Average Points
Meaty Oakers11-512-416-012-49-785-277-0-017-1124-444-12WWWWW.75985
C Eagles10-613-39-77-97-963-494-3-017-1117-1129-27WWWLL.56363
Focus Group9-713-37-94-128-859-533-3-111-1713-1535-21WWLLT.52759
Dart Tarts7-97-98-89-710-655-573-3-115-1313-1527-29LLTWW.49155
Stagger Ins6-103-138-88-89-746-662-3-213-1510-1823-33LLTTW.41146
Black Rats 9-70-169-78-840-562-2-210-1410-1420-28WLWTL.41740
Dubliners 2 4-127-98-86-1040-561-4-113-1110-1417-31LLTLL.41740


 Week 7 All Stars
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Graham ChevreauMeaty OakersCScore 130-169x1
Jeff HuestisMeaty OakersCScore 130-169x1
Harvey KayFocus GroupCScore 130-169x1
Harvey WinksStagger InsCScore 130-169x1
Phil WoodDart TartsCScore 130-169x1