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Team Wk2W21W20W19W18 Win-Loss WLT D501DCS401 Last 5 Average Points
Meaty Oakers 12-413-312-412-4248-8820-0-157-2770-14121-47WWWWW.738248
Focus Group8-811-59-74-1211-5214-13815-4-343-4556-32115-61TWWLW.608214
C Eagles8-89-78-86-104-12193-15912-8-249-3950-3894-82TWTLL.548193
Black Rats 6-109-710-65-11162-1749-9-346-3835-4981-87LWWLW.482162
Dart Tarts 10-68-89-77-9140-1967-11-335-4934-5071-97WTWLL.417140
Dubliners 2 4-127-99-79-7138-1986-14-142-4231-5365-103LLWWL.411138
Balrogs 7-97-97-98-8136-2002-14-533-5131-5372-96LLLTL.405136
Stagger Ins 5-113-137-98-8129-2073-14-435-4933-5161-107LLLTL.384129

 Playoffs Wk 3 Results
Focus Group @Meaty Oakers 

 Playoffs Wk 3 All Stars
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