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Team W20W19W18W17W20 Win-Loss WLT D501DCS501 Last 5 Average Points
Screaming Eagles11-513-39-714-210-6217-10318-1-155-2557-23105-55WWWWW.678217
A Shot in the Dock11-513-310-610-66-10176-14411-8-143-3747-3386-74WWWWL.550176
McMurphy's 4-1213-36-107-9159-14510-7-242-3439-3778-74LWLLW.523159
Kilted Elite5-119-73-1310-64-12150-1708-9-341-3933-4776-84LWLWL.469150
Tungsten Ticklers8-83-136-106-109-7136-1845-11-431-4937-4368-92TLLLW.425136
Anger Management8-87-97-92-149-7125-1952-14-432-4829-5164-96TLLLW.391125
Bullseyes 3-137-95-117-9107-1973-14-226-5029-4752-100LLLLT.352107


 Week 20 All Stars
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
John McCombsScreaming EaglesA3 Trebles or Double Bullsx1
   Score 170+180
   Score 170+180
   Score 130-169x1
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Nelson ReidA Shot in the DockAFinish 101+103
   Score 170+171
   Score 130-169x1
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Dave CunninghamScreaming EaglesAScore 130-169x2
Jason FreemanA Shot in the DockAScore 170+180
   Score 130-169x1
Zoe ReidScreaming EaglesAScore 170+171
   Score 130-169x1
Martin RussellScreaming EaglesAScore 130-169x2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
David AllenA Shot in the DockAScore 130-169x1
Alejandro BedoyaWicketkeepersAScore 130-169x1
John BriberTungsten TicklersAScore 130-169x1
Dan HynesKilted EliteAScore 130-169x1
Gianni RotondoAnger ManagementA3 Trebles or Double Bullsx1
Rob ShawAnger ManagementAScore 130-169x1
Chris SpeckAnger ManagementAScore 130-169x1
Bo StasyshynWicketkeepersAScore 130-169x1
Ryan WheelerTungsten TicklersAScore 130-169x1