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Team W4W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT DCD501DCS501 Last 5 Average Points
Bad Influences 11-412-312-335-103-0-07-27-26-315-3WWW.77835
Meaty Oakers9-612-39-64-1134-263-1-07-58-49-310-14WWWL.56734
All Blacks9-615-06-9 30-152-2-06-35-46-313-5WWL.66730
The Nasty Boyz6-94-1112-3 22-231-2-05-45-44-58-10LLW.48922
Bullseyes 13-23-12 16-141-1-04-22-44-26-6WL.53316
Dart Bags6-92-133-123-1214-460-4-02-104-81-117-17LLLL.23314
Toronto Style 0-15 11-411-192-1-02-41-53-35-7LW.36711
#DCMC 3-12  3-121-2-00-31-20-32-4L.2003


 Week 4 All Stars
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jeff HuestisMeaty OakersB-West130-169133
Travis JenkinsAll BlacksB-West130-169133
Ray SchneiderDart BagsB-West130-169140
Nick SleimanMeaty OakersB-West130-169133
Josh TigheAll BlacksB-West130-169140