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 B East
Team W16W15WK14WK13WK12 Win-Loss WLT DCDCD501S501 Last 5 Average Points
The ExpendaBulls11-411-412-310-515-0186-5415-1-038-1040-838-1070-26WWWWW.775186
Dart Demons 4-114-1110-59-6139-8610-5-026-1925-2029-1659-31LLWWL.618139
Dart Vaders7-815-03-129-66-9116-1039-7-013-1123-2227-1853-37LWLWL.530116
The Fluid Druids4-1110-510-55-100-15105-1356-10-019-2624-2115-3032-58LWWLL.438105
Throwers 0-1511-45-109-6104-1219-6-024-2120-2517-2843-47LWLWW.462104


 Week 16 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Norm ServiceDart VadersB East130-169152
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Kam AliThe Fluid DruidsB East130-169140
Mike TurnerGreeksB East130-169132
Peter VeenemanDart VadersB East130-169140
Danny WongThe ExpendaBullsB EastFinish 101+125