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 B East
Team W7W6W5W4W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT D501DCS501 Last 5 Average Points
The Bored Members13-311-58-87-99-710-615-173-395-1-121-718-1034-22WWTLW.65273
Harp Thunder15-111-58-810-66-1011-511-572-405-1-114-1421-737-19WWTWL.64372
Dart Demons10-65-1112-412-411-55-1110-665-475-2-016-1217-1132-24WLWWW.58065
Maysie's Crazies5-117-94-1213-39-76-105-1149-632-5-013-1511-1725-31LLLWW.43849
Danforth Arrows1-153-1310-64-127-93-131-1529-831-6-06-227-2116-40LLWLL.25929
Rogues and Rovers3-135-116-103-135-113-133-1328-840-7-05-237-2116-40LLLLL.25028


 Week 7 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Steve ForrestDanforth ArrowsB EastScore 170+180
   Score 130-169x1
AJ HearnHarp ThunderB EastScore 130-169x2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Scott ColbyDanforth ArrowsB EastScore 130-169x1
Travis DurhamDart DemonsB EastScore 130-169x1
Rick GroomeDart DemonsB EastScore 130-169x1
Kevin HoggardGreeksB EastScore 130-169x1
Bill HoogeveenDanforth ArrowsB EastScore 130-169x1
Pierre LindemanRogues and RoversB EastScore 130-169x1
Paul LindsayHarp ThunderB EastScore 130-169x1
Bob MurphyDart DemonsB EastScore 130-169x1
Jack NgThe Bored MembersB EastScore 130-169x1
Andrew RussellThrowersB EastScore 130-169x1
Bill St GermaineThrowersB EastScore 130-169x1
Mike TurnerGreeksB EastScore 130-169x1
Benjamin YamThe Bored MembersB EastScore 130-169x1