SOS: Queen Street Dart League: Individual Player Statistics
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Pos Name Team Name WP MemDCRD501S501SOST701D501LegsDCLegsS401SOSLegsS501SOSLegs PPW AS 101+F101+FH3CKT170+170+H AVG PTS
1Sheldon LaidlowToronto Style210-00-00-00.0000-013-830-2312-926-200-00.0000-016-40.52335-126.11200011800.661128
2Mike MellorToronto Style20Yes0-00-00-00.0000-011-925-2412-824-380-00.0000-014-60.50831-155.91411120000.617118
3Steve MenezesToronto Style200-00-00-00.0000-010-923-2318-236-120-00.0000-017-30.47835-106.44000000.763128
4Mike PimpaoToronto Style11Yes0-00-00-00.0000-08-316-116-617-150-00.0000-04-70.48310-144.091000000.52945
4Hossein ArbaniToronto Style14Yes0-00-00-00.0000-08-518-1310-322-270-00.0000-09-50.54920-155.718000000.67580
6Svetlana KozakToronto Style10Yes0-00-00-00.0000-05-311-77-415-90-00.0000-05-40.66711-94.40000000.60744
6Sergio MeloToronto Style14Yes0-00-00-00.0000-05-812-1910-523-170-00.0000-06-80.49415-174.436001000.50062
8George CorneliusToronto Style14Yes0-00-00-00.0000-04-1012-2110-421-110-00.0000-05-100.54214-203.643000000.44251
9Jamie MinnellaToronto Style70-00-00-00.0000-03-48-113-46-100-00.0000-00-70.6111-141.710000000.28612

WP - Weeks Played
DCR - Doubles Cricket
D501 - Doubles 501
S501 - Singles 501
T701 - 701Triples
D501 - Doubles 501 (L)
DC - Doubles Cricket (L)
S401 - Singles 401 (L)
S501 - Singles 501 (L)
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
101+F - Finish 101+
3CKT - 3 Trebles or Double Bulls
130+ - Score 130-169
170+ - Score 170+
PTS - Points
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