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 Player Information

Name of Player Current Team Current Division Current Point Total Current Season
Travis Jenkins All Blacks B West 16

 Player Statistics

Category Percentage Overall Team Overall Division Overall League
Weeks Played 6 of 7 (.857) 4th 15th 105th
Total Points 16 6th 47th 216th
Total Wins 6 of 17 (.353) 6th 43rd 212nd
Doubles Cricket0 of 0 (.000)1st1st39th
Doubles 5010 of 0 (.000)1st1st48th
Singles 5010 of 0 (.000)1st1st43rd
701Triples0 of 0 (.000)1st1st48th
Doubles Cricket (L)3 of 6 (.500)1st15th85th
Doubles 501 (L)1 of 5 (.200)8th49th206th
Singles 501 (L)2 of 6 (.333)5th36th113rd
Singles 401 (L)0 of 0 (.000)1st1st65th
Mem Form N/A N/A N/A

 All Stars Summary

All Stars Type Total Hit Best/Total Score    
There have been no all stars recorded for this player.


  Current Streak Best Streak Worst Streak  
All Games3 Losses2 Undefeated4 without a win 
Doubles CricketN/AN/AN/A 
Doubles 501N/AN/AN/A 
Singles 501N/AN/AN/A 
Doubles Cricket (L)2 Losses3 Undefeated2 without a win 
Doubles 501 (L)1 Loss2 Undefeated3 without a win 
Singles 501 (L)1 Loss1 Win2 Losses 
Singles 401 (L)N/AN/AN/A 

 Match Details & Results

Doubles Cricket (L)

Date Result Against Player(s) Opposition
November 14, 2017L@ Dart VadersRebecca Fox Sproull + Travis Jenkins Steve Novak + Tamara Ferdman
November 7, 2017L Dart BagsJon Robillard + Travis Jenkins Brent Thompson + Mike Perrier
October 24, 2017W Bad InfluencesJames Trood + Travis Jenkins Stephen Leonard + Barry Kelly
October 17, 2017W A Nightmare on Elm StreetJames Trood + Travis Jenkins Tadg Quilligan + Conor O'Loughlin
October 10, 2017W@ Toronto StyleDave Fox Sproull + Travis Jenkins Mike Mellor + Jack Bowler
October 3, 2017L #DCMCTravis Jenkins (R) + Rebecca Fox Sproull (R) Catherine Stefanizzi (R) + Clayton Beckett (R)
October 3, 2017L #DCMCDave Fox Sproull + Travis Jenkins Clayton Beckett + Neil Mccolm

Doubles 501 (L)

Date Result Against Player(s) Opposition
November 14, 2017L@ Dart VadersJames Trood + Travis Jenkins Peter Veeneman + Richard Stahl
November 7, 2017W Dart BagsAllison Radcliffe + Travis Jenkins William Delli Colli + Glen Halsey
October 24, 2017W Bad InfluencesAllison Radcliffe + Travis Jenkins (R) Noel Piano (R) + Will White (R)
October 24, 2017L Bad InfluencesTravis Jenkins + Jon Robillard Will White + Noel Piano
October 10, 2017L@ Toronto StyleChris Ostic + Travis Jenkins Jack Bowler + Stas Fainshtain
October 3, 2017L #DCMCMadeline Neff + Travis Jenkins Catherine Stefanizzi + Chris Manson

Singles 501 (L)

Date Result Against Player(s) Opposition
November 14, 2017L@ Dart VadersTravis JenkinsMike Atrix
November 7, 2017W Dart BagsTravis JenkinsBrent Thompson
October 24, 2017L Bad InfluencesTravis JenkinsBarry Kelly
October 17, 2017L A Nightmare on Elm StreetTravis JenkinsMike McKenzie
October 10, 2017W@ Toronto StyleTravis JenkinsStas Fainshtain
October 3, 2017L #DCMCTravis JenkinsChris Manson

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 Team Mates

Doubles Cricket (L)

Team Mate Winning Percentage Games Played Games Won Games Lost
James Trood 1.000 2 2 0
Dave Fox Sproull .500 2 1 1
Rebecca Fox Sproull 0.000 2 0 2
Jon Robillard 0.000 1 0 1

Doubles 501 (L)

Team Mate Winning Percentage Games Played Games Won Games Lost
Allison Radcliffe 1.000 2 2 0
Jon Robillard 0.000 1 0 1
Madeline Neff 0.000 1 0 1
James Trood 0.000 1 0 1
Chris Ostic 0.000 1 0 1
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