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Team W10W9W8W7W6 Win-Loss WLT DCrktS01D01 Last 5 Average Points
Shooters Pool Hall - Brew Crew4-812-06-610-28-469-345-2-215-1234-2017-10LWTWW.67069*
Moose & Barrel - Fubar8-48-49-35-7 67-406-3-017-1031-2316-11WWWLL.62667*
Al Macs - Assassins7-54-86-64-88-460-634-4-212-1831-2914-16WLTLW.48860*
Amigos - Amigos3-98-43-98-44-851-603-5-114-1321-3313-14LWLWL.45951*
3 Monkeys - Fake News Crew5-74-84-82-10 47-642-6-112-1521-3311-16LLLLL.42347*
Queen Vic - Who Darted?9-30-128-47-54-846-514-4-011-1324-2410-14WLWWL.47446*
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Week 10 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Michael HollettAl Macs - AssassinsB2121 to 179x2
   HF 100+100
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jeff BurrowsAl Macs - AssassinsB291
   121 to 179x1
John Martin3 Monkeys - Fake News CrewB2121 to 179x2
Andrew McNickleMoose & Barrel - FubarB2121 to 179x2
Brent MorrisonShooters Pool Hall - Brew CrewB2121 to 179x2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Joanne EvelyMoose & Barrel - FubarB27,81
Susan HollettAl Macs - AssassinsB2121 to 179x1
Jason KilgarAmigos - AmigosB2121 to 179x1
Colleen Levitt3 Monkeys - Fake News CrewB2121 to 179x1
Barry LosingorQueen Vic - Who Darted?B2121 to 179x1
Doug MainQueen Vic - Who Darted?B2121 to 179x1
Sean PatrickMoose & Barrel - FubarB2121 to 179x1
Kim WhitfieldQueen Vic - Who Darted?B2121 to 179x1

Division Team Bonus Date Bonus Reason
B23 Monkeys - Fake News Crew2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B13 Monkeys - Good NU2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B2Al Macs - Assassins2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B2Amigos - Amigos2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B4Birchmount - Darts of Hazzards2017-09-063Attendance at GM
ABirchmount - The Betrayed2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B4Le Spot - Chantelle2017-09-063Attendance at GM
ALe Spot - Drunken Masters2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B3Le Spot - Lets Get Drunk2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B4Le Spot - Spot 552017-09-063Attendance at GM
B3Le Spot - The Addams Family2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B1Le Spot - TNA2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B2Moose & Barrel - Fubar2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B1Moose & Barrel - Young Fellows2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B1Nflder - As She Goes2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B1Nflder - Lest We Forget2017-09-062GM meeting
B3Nflder - The Darty Bastards2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B2Queen Vic - Who Darted?2017-09-061GM meeting
B1Queen Vic - Yagermeister 22017-09-063Attendance at GM
AQueen Vic - Yagermeisters 12017-09-061GM Meeting
ARally's Sports Bar - Rally's Dragons2017-09-063Attendance at GM
ARCL BR 13 - Lucky #132017-09-063Attendance at GM
B4RCL BR 13 - Scarboro 132017-09-063Attendance at GM
B3RCL BR 73 - 73 'Bombers'2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B3RCL BR 73 - Armed and Hammered2017-09-062GM meeting
B4RCL BR 73 - Dart Warriors2017-09-063Attendance at GM
ARCL BR 73 - Gravediggers2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B3RCL BR 73 - Hot Dogs2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B4RCL BR 73 - Mike's Minions2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B2Shooters Pool Hall - Brew Crew2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B4Shooters Pool Hall - Hooters2017-09-063Attendance at GM