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Team W9W8W7W6W5 Win-Loss WLT D01DCrktS01 Last 5 Average Points
RCL BR 73 - Dart Warriors 6-69-3 10-260-275-1-112-915-630-12TWWLW.69060*
Le Spot - Spot 558-45-79-310-27-556-395-3-013-1111-1329-19WLWWW.58956*
Le Spot - Chantelle 10-23-99-36-652-354-2-112-913-824-18WLWTW.59852*
RCL BR 13 - Scarboro 13 7-58-45-76-651-364-2-113-813-822-20WWLTW.58651*
Birchmount - Darts of Hazzards4-86-64-83-9 47-443-4-110-1412-1222-26LTLLW.51647*
Shooters Pool Hall - Hooters10-2 3-97-55-740-472-4-112-98-1317-25WLWLL.46040*
RCL BR 73 - Mike's Minions2-102-10 2-102-1027-720-7-16-186-1812-36LLLLL.27327*
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Week 10 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week

Division Team Bonus Date Bonus Reason
B23 Monkeys - Fake News Crew2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B13 Monkeys - Good NU2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B2Al Macs - Assassins2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B2Amigos - Amigos2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B4Birchmount - Darts of Hazzards2017-09-063Attendance at GM
ABirchmount - The Betrayed2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B4Le Spot - Chantelle2017-09-063Attendance at GM
ALe Spot - Drunken Masters2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B3Le Spot - Lets Get Drunk2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B4Le Spot - Spot 552017-09-063Attendance at GM
B3Le Spot - The Addams Family2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B1Le Spot - TNA2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B2Moose & Barrel - Fubar2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B1Moose & Barrel - Young Fellows2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B1Nflder - As She Goes2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B1Nflder - Lest We Forget2017-09-062GM meeting
B3Nflder - The Darty Bastards2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B2Queen Vic - Who Darted?2017-09-061GM meeting
B1Queen Vic - Yagermeister 22017-09-063Attendance at GM
AQueen Vic - Yagermeisters 12017-09-061GM Meeting
ARally's Sports Bar - Rally's Dragons2017-09-063Attendance at GM
ARCL BR 13 - Lucky #132017-09-063Attendance at GM
B4RCL BR 13 - Scarboro 132017-09-063Attendance at GM
B3RCL BR 73 - 73 'Bombers'2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B3RCL BR 73 - Armed and Hammered2017-09-062GM meeting
B4RCL BR 73 - Dart Warriors2017-09-063Attendance at GM
ARCL BR 73 - Gravediggers2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B3RCL BR 73 - Hot Dogs2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B4RCL BR 73 - Mike's Minions2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B2Shooters Pool Hall - Brew Crew2017-09-063Attendance at GM
B4Shooters Pool Hall - Hooters2017-09-063Attendance at GM