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 One Division
Team W25W24W23W22W21 Win-Loss WLT D601DCS501 Last 5 AVG PTS
The Premiers (Stag's Head)12-08-410-211-111-0197-7819-3-149-2051-1897-40WWWWW.716197
Don't cares (Moose)9-34-87-511-110-2184-9216-4-344-1642-1880-40WLWWW.667184
Silver Bullets (Moose)8-44-810-21-112-10141-13511-8-433-3337-2965-67WLWLL.511141
Walking Wounded (73)4-87-52-101-117-5124-1529-11-331-3529-3758-74LWLLW.449124
Vipers (345)0-128-45-78-45-7109-1676-14-325-4128-3850-82LWLWL.395109
Bo's The Black Sheeps (Working Dog)3-95-72-104-80-1172-2030-21-216-5311-5845-92LLLLL.26272


 Week 27 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week