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Team W21W20W19W18W17 Win-Loss WLT T701D501S301S401 Last 5 Average Points
22. Top Spot 14-78-36-55-68-3138-9315-6-030-1233-3025-1150-40LWWLW.597138
19. Desparado's4-75-65-67-48-3124-10712-9-025-1732-3122-1445-45LLLWW.537124
15. Bailey's Bullshooters7-46-57-49-26-5117-11410-11-023-1927-3624-1243-47WWWWW.506117
21. SyAcc Systems4-76-54-74-79-2117-1149-12-019-2335-2822-1441-49LWLLW.506117
16. The Beers.6-56-55-64-75-6112-11911-10-021-2131-3221-1539-51WWLLL.485112
18. Darty Minds4-75-65-66-59-2110-1218-13-018-2429-3423-1340-50LLLWW.476110
17. Show Us Your Tips4-75-66-55-68-399-1325-16-013-2930-3317-1939-51LLWLW.42999
20. Top Flytes1-103-86-55-65-688-1435-16-015-2721-4215-2137-53LLWLL.38188


 Player Of The Week
Mike Smyth15. Bailey's Bullshooters
Eric Campbell 12. Thee Resurrection
   Game of the Week
Nancy Fleury (.333) defeated Mark Tremblett (.857) in Singles 401
Adam Pollard14. Wimpy's
Richard Cox09. The Rebels
   Game of the Week
Shawn Stokes (.100) defeated Bob Doyle (.571) in Singles 401
Dave King Jr27.Fly by Nights
Ryan Richardson26. Crazy Ones
   Game of the Week
Todd McGrath + Christina Keenan + Laurie Barnes (.380) defeated Carl Mattinen + Carla Boothby + Laine Phenix (.597) in Triples 701
   Georgina Elite
Fred Morgenroth03. Dartflyers
Terry Cooper03. Dartflyers
   Game of the Week
Perry Lewis (.350) defeated Steve Cochrane (.684) in Singles 501

 Week 21 All Stars
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Al Petten19. Desparado's YorkHigh Score140
   High Score125
   High Score123
   Double Outs1
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Peter Crowder22. Top Spot 1 YorkHigh Score121
   High Score120
   Double Outs3
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Tammy Mark19. Desparado's YorkHigh Score101
   Double Outs4
Dwayne Anderson (spare)21. SyAcc Systems YorkHigh Score140
   Double Outs1
Barb Belliveau20. Top Flytes YorkHigh Finish 80 - 10083
   Double Outs1
Christine Bloye15. Bailey's Bullshooters YorkHigh Finish 101 +102
   Double Outs3
Marsha Misha Charles17. Show Us Your Tips YorkHigh Score105
   Double Outs2
Paul Cormier19. Desparado's YorkHigh Score120
   Double Outs2
Gord Crowder22. Top Spot 1 YorkHigh Score110
   Double Outs1
Nancy Fleury20. Top Flytes YorkHigh Score121
   Double Outs2
Tim Follwell 18. Darty Minds YorkHigh Score140
   Double Outs3
Malcolm Grey21. SyAcc Systems YorkHigh Score120
   Double Outs2
Neil Uncle Harry Harris17. Show Us Your Tips YorkHigh Score117
   Double Outs1
John JZ Loughlin 17. Show Us Your Tips YorkHigh Score101
   Double Outs3
Scott MacPherson 21. SyAcc Systems YorkHigh Score108
   Double Outs4
Terry Tez Marchment17. Show Us Your Tips YorkHigh Score128
   Double Outs4
Mike Morris18. Darty Minds YorkHigh Finish 80 - 10090
   Double Outs4
Glen Peters 20. Top Flytes YorkHigh Score125
   Double Outs1
Louisa Petten19. Desparado's YorkHigh Score102
   Double Outs1
Mike Smyth15. Bailey's Bullshooters YorkHigh Score108
   Double Outs4
Robert Smyth (spare)15. Bailey's Bullshooters YorkHigh Score121
   Double Outs2
Brian Van Der Gulik15. Bailey's Bullshooters YorkHigh Finish 80 - 10085
   Double Outs4
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Glen Brown 21. SyAcc Systems YorkDouble Outs2
Norm Mark19. Desparado's YorkDouble Outs1
Bill Pegg16. The Beers. YorkDouble Outs2
Erich Baumhard15. Bailey's Bullshooters YorkDouble Outs4
Kyle Cormier 19. Desparado's YorkDouble Outs2
Darrell Foote22. Top Spot 1 YorkDouble Outs3
Paul Gerrard16. The Beers. YorkDouble Outs2
PJ Gerrard16. The Beers. YorkDouble Outs4
Kim Harris 17. Show Us Your Tips YorkDouble Outs2
Jake Jablonski18. Darty Minds YorkDouble Outs1
Loreen Jablonski18. Darty Minds YorkDouble Outs1
Mike Kurz 22. Top Spot 1 YorkDouble Outs1
Tracy Loughlin17. Show Us Your Tips YorkHigh Score125
Mike Richardson16. The Beers. YorkDouble Outs4
Mitchell Rivers 16. The Beers. YorkDouble Outs3
Paris Tumanidi22. Top Spot 1 YorkDouble Outs2