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Team W11W10W9W8W7 Win-Loss WLT T701D501S301S401 Last 5 Average Points
15. Bailey's Bullshooters6-56-57-48-310-182-3911-0-016-623-1010-233-21WWWWW.67882
16. Show Us Yer Tips8-35-66-57-46-572-4910-1-015-721-124-232-28WLWWW.59572
22. Want to Play?3-88-38-37-47-466-557-4-012-1018-157-529-25LWWWW.54566
21. SyAcc Systems6-53-85-67-47-461-605-6-011-1115-188-427-27WLLWW.50461
17. The Beers.5-68-33-88-34-759-623-8-010-1216-174-229-31LWLWL.48859
19. Desparado's7-45-64-75-65-658-634-7-08-1418-152-430-30WLLLL.47958
20. Who Darted5-66-55-66-51-1054-676-5-011-1113-203-327-33LWLWL.44654
18. Darty Minds4-73-86-54-74-751-703-8-09-1316-175-721-33LLWLL.42151


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