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Division Team Win-Loss D501DCTSSCTM AVG PTS
Thursday B1Blue Bomb (Gettemeier's B & G)18-43-14-01-16-22-0.81818
Thursday B1Whose Wood? (Millwoods Sports B & G)15-73-14-00-26-21-1.68215
Thursday B1The Nights Watch (Nightshift B & G)13-90-42-22-05-32-0.59113
Thursday B1We've Got Issues (Lone Wolf Saloon)9-133-11-31-12-61-1.4099
Thursday B1Bush League (LuLu's B & G)7-153-11-31-12-60-2.3187
Thursday B11/2 & 1/2 (Funke's)4-180-40-41-13-50-2.1824

 Week 3 All Stars
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