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1Jim PlimlPimp Daddy w/ Killer Bee & The Henchman (Pub)74-24-20-02-10-05-06-00-04-30-00-00-00.75018A2
1Thomas HicksUnemployed Porn Stars (South 94 Bistro)63-14-00-03-10-04-15-00-05-10-00-00-00.83718A3
2^Belinda DevinePimp Daddy w/ Killer Bee & The Henchman (Pub)71-34-30-03-40-03-34-10-02-10-00-00-00.52112.5B7
3Jake SouthardUnemployed Porn Stars (South 94 Bistro)74-24-10-04-10-03-03-10-05-10-00-00-00.81417.5A2
3^Tony MatneyO'I.B.Y.S (Funke's)61-51-50-01-50-02-41-50-03-30-00-00-00.2787.5B4
4^Derrick JonesZen Darts (Classics II)62-24-10-03-30-03-31-20-03-30-00-00-00.52112.5B7
4Tony SandovalUnemployed Porn Stars (South 94 Bistro)31-22-00-02-10-01-10-10-01-00-00-00-00.6115.5B9 (NQ)
6Tim PinkstonZen Darts (Classics II)64-21-10-02-10-01-22-40-02-20-00-00-00.5008.5B7
6Jeff O'ConnorLimp Tips (HotshotS - STC)63-31-50-03-30-03-31-50-00-60-00-00-00.3158.5B5
6Kyle KochO'I.B.Y.S (Funke's)61-51-50-03-30-01-51-50-03-30-00-00-00.3158.5B5
9Justin HillikerZen Darts (Classics II)52-03-20-03-00-01-21-20-01-10-00-00-00.6158B9 (NQ)
11John MaginnisPimp Daddy w/ Killer Bee & The Henchman (Pub)53-10-00-01-20-02-02-00-01-20-00-00-00.5916.5B8 (NQ)
13Chad LowryUnemployed Porn Stars (South 94 Bistro)50-12-10-00-20-01-34-00-01-00-00-00-00.4555B7 (NQ)
14Justin McDowellLimp Tips (HotshotS - STC)53-21-40-01-40-01-41-40-00-50-00-00-00.2004.5B3
15Frank LovelandPimp Daddy w/ Killer Bee & The Henchman (Pub)10-00-10-01-00-01-00-10-01-00-00-00-00.7503A2 (NQ)
16Nick WernimontLimp Tips (HotshotS - STC)10-10-10-00-10-00-10-10-00-10-00-00-0000000B1 (NQ)

WP - Weeks Played
D501 - Doubles 501
DC - Doubles Cricket
TS - Team Spanish (Call)
SC - Singles Chi
TM - Team Classic Minnesota
SC2 - Singles Chi2
DblSp - Doubles Spanish
1001 - Team 1001
DMinn - Doubles Classic Minnesota
TMA - Team Minnesota A
TM - Team Minnesota (Slop)
DMnMx - Doubles Classic Minnesota MX
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
PTS - Points
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