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Pos Name Team Name WP S501DCktD501 PPW AS 171+HOUTCrkt130+130+H170-O AVG PTS
1Edwin MasonSticky Wicket28-02-02-061231020814001.00012
2james eckebrechtThe Wicket Keepers27-12-02-05.5701110614000.91711
2Dave ReevesKilted Elite27-12-02-05.5501080414000.91711
4Tom CiosekPit Fiends27-11-11-14.5100001017700.7509
4Mervyn WallaceKilted Elite25-32-02-04.51000113400.7509
4Greg GrantKilted Elite26-21-12-04.55000514000.7509
7oisin HourihaneThe Wicket Keepers25-32-01-142000214000.6678
7Mark JohnsonSticky Wicket26-21-11-142000214000.6678
9Peter ShiroshkaThe Wicket Keepers14-01-01-0600000001.0006
10Steve JacksonDarty Minds25-30-20-22.53000314000.4175
10Windsor JohnsonKilted Elite22-51-02-02.500000000.5005
10Ruggiero AbbruzzeseThe Wicket Keepers13-11-01-0500000000.8335
13Kevin HoggardNo Bulls Hit23-31-10-2200000000.4004
13Daniela PodsedlyDarty Minds13-11-00-141000114000.6674
13Pete HewetsonSticky Wicket13-01-00-042000214001.0004
13Dave Fox SproullPit Fiends22-41-11-1200000000.4004
13Kevin PridmoreSticky Wicket22-40-12-023000314000.4444
13Cliff WitheyNo Bulls Hit24-30-10-123000314000.4444
19Josip GlavanSticky Wicket11-21-01-031000114000.6003
19Ted MorrisNo Bulls Hit13-10-00-03201020114000.7503
19Richard JonesDarty Minds23-50-20-21.51000114000.2503
22Ryan Myers-AllenSticky Wicket11-31-00-1200000000.3332
22Vanessa BreaDarty Minds21-71-10-213000314000.1672
22Rebecca Fox SproullPit Fiends21-50-11-1100000000.2222
22Ramesh PersaudThe Wicket Keepers11-30-11-0200000000.3332
26Leith Martin Pit Fiends20-60-11-00.500000000.1251
26Carl TuckerNo Bulls Hit11-30-10-112000214000.1671
26C TThe Wicket Keepers11-30-10-1100000000.1671
26Luis CKNo Bulls Hit10-21-00-1100000000.2501
26Kevin CrawfordNo Bulls Hit21-40-10-10.500000000.1431
31Dermot WhelanNo Bulls Hit20-40-20-20100011400000000
31Herb ZeinKilted Elite10-10-10-00200021350000000
31Jo-Anne RoosPit Fiends20-60-20-100000000000000

WP - Weeks Played
S501 - Singles 501
DCkt - Doubles Cricket
D501 - Doubles 501
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
171+ - 171+
HOUT - High Out
Crkt - Cricket AS
130+ - 130-170
170-O - 170 Out
PTS - Points
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