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 C Division
Team W7W6W5W4W3 Win-Loss WLT D501SDCS501ST701 Last 5 Average Points
Williamsville Bar I9-68-79-611-48-762-437-0-019-929-209-125-2WWWWW.59062
GFY Bar 36-98-712-37-87-859-463-4-012-1633-1612-92-5LWWLL.56259
Village Line12-3‡7-814-112-38-754-363-3-014-1026-1611-73-3WLWWW.60054
The Quarter8-79-61-148-77-851-544-3-013-1525-249-124-3WWLWL.48651
Founding Fathers7-87-86-93-1211-446-592-5-015-1317-3211-103-4LLLLW.43846
Slick Willie's 23-12‡6-93-124-114-1128-621-5-07-1710-328-103-3LLLLL.31128
‡ in the weekly scores means the result has been entered but may not yet be included in the points until the stats are re-calculated.


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 Week 10 All Stars
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