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Team W25W24W23W22W21 Win-Loss WLT DCktS 501D 601 Last 5 AVG PTS MP
Frigate - Chris9-77-914-210-615-1250-15019-4-265-35126-7459-41WLWWW.62525040
Ivy Bridge - Adam7-910-611-58-88-8217-18317-6-256-44101-9960-40LWWTT.54321736
Maguires - Les7-99-710-610-68-8206-19314-9-246-54107-9253-47LWWWT.51620630
Celtic Club - Jeff/Elvis5-115-115-116-1010-6215-18511-12-259-41109-9147-53LLLLW.53821524
Crown & Lion - Alex13-311-50-168-88-8196-2039-11-544-56100-9952-48WWLTT.49119623
Flowertown - Darin11-58-816-06-108-8189-2116-11-843-5793-10753-47WTWLT.47318920
Oscar's - Garry9-78-82-148-76-10170-2288-14-347-5382-11641-59WTLWL.42717019
Magnum's - Terry3-136-106-107-81-15154-2443-20-240-6079-11935-65LLLLL.3871548


 Week 28 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week