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 2nd Division
Team W7W6W5W4W3 Win-Loss WLT CHI2 Last 5 AVG PTS
Ali Sacramento8-19-08-12-7 40-145-1-040-14WWWLW.74140
Val Ushanova 3-67-27-26-335-195-1-035-19LWWWW.64835
Doug Pane5-45-45-46-33-633-305-2-033-30WWWWL.52433
Alex Endsley4-59-03-69-0 29-162-3-029-16LWLWL.64429
Dan Santopolo9-06-38-1 3-628-173-2-028-17WWWLL.62228
Ronnie Doyle5-46-34-55-4 28-174-1-028-17WWLWW.62228
Finbarr Kelly  8-14-55-427-184-1-027-18WLWWW.60027
John Crawford4-59-01-8 4-526-192-3-026-19LWLLW.57826
Bob Johnson7-24-52-7 8-125-202-3-025-20WLLWL.55625
Jamie Bosque 3-66-34-59-025-202-3-025-20LWLWL.55625
Scott Shrimpton2-70-91-85-46-318-362-4-018-36LLLWW.33318
Lisa Bertocini1-80-91-83-60-97-470-6-07-47LLLLL.1307
Suzanne Bennett0-90-9 0-91-83-510-6-03-51LLLLL.0563


 Week 7 - Div 2 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week