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 Summer B
Team W10W9W8W7W6 Win-Loss WLT Last 5 Average Points
Worst Guys9-614-15-100-1512-387-636-4-0WWLLW.58087
Anger Management9-62-136-915-011-485-655-5-0WLLWW.56785
The Thirsty Foxes9-615-06-91-143-1261-893-7-0WWLLL.40761
C Eagles1-142-1315-05-1010-559-913-7-0LLWLW.39359
Darts of Hazzard4-110-150-159-66-958-924-6-0LLLWL.38758
Lawn Darts0-1511-49-63-1211-457-934-6-0LWWLW.38057


 Week 10 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Michael KehoeWorst GuysSummer BFinish 101+157
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Ruggiero AbbruzzeseWorst GuysSummer B130-169140
Josip GlavanWorst GuysSummer B130-169140
Mark KlepecAnger ManagementSummer B130-169140
Flavio SantosThe Thirsty FoxesSummer B130-169140
Ed SpeckAnger ManagementSummer B130-169133