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 Summer C
Team W10W9W8W7W6 Win-Loss WLT Last 5 Average Points
Raging Bulls4-1113-23-124-119-656-944-6-0LWLLW.37356
Vik's Viktims3-124-110-157-812-354-963-7-0LLLLW.36054
Toronto Style6-91-1411-42-133-1243-1072-8-0LLWLL.28743
d Artagnans11-42-130-156-95-1042-1081-9-0WLLLL.28042
Darty Deeds6-90-150-158-74-1142-1083-7-0LLLWL.28042
Annex Social3-121-144-112-134-1125-1250-10-0LLLLL.16725


 Week 10 All Stars
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Mat ArmstrongRaging BullsSummer C130-169133
Cory ChandlerDarty DeedsSummer C130-169140
Mike MellorToronto StyleSummer C3 Trebles or Double Bullsx1
Julian MironVik's ViktimsSummer C130-169140