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 Division A2
Team Team Pts W14W13W12W11W10 Win-Loss MatchPts WLT DCktS 501D 601 Last 5 AVG
Spot One - Sabrina2812-414-210-611-510-6162-6216214-0-047-978-3437-19WWWWW.723
Ivy Bridge - Adam1710-612-47-97-96-10128-961288-5-134-2258-5436-20WWLLL.571
Celtic Club - Jim1611-56-109-714-26-10126-981268-6-033-2356-5637-19WLWWL.563
Magnum's - Terry167-99-79-79-710-6115-1091158-6-026-3058-5431-25LWWWW.513
Oscar's - Garry146-1010-67-95-117-9115-1091157-7-028-2862-5025-31LWLLL.513
Oscars - Robin99-72-149-69-69-778-144784-9-117-3939-7122-34WLWWW.351
Ivy Bridge - Steve65-117-96-106-96-1094-129943-11-022-3452-5920-36LLLLL.422
Crown & Lion - Kris64-124-126-92-1410-676-147763-11-017-3943-6816-40LLLLW.341


 Week 14 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Cullen KalcsicsOscar's - GarryDivision A24-Cricket - 3 Bulls / 9Cx1
   1-High Scoresx1
Bhupesh MistryCrown & Lion - KrisDivision A21-High Scoresx2
Mickey SauveMagnum's - TerryDivision A21-High Scoresx2
Nolan YoungCeltic Club - JimDivision A21-High Scoresx2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Terry ArsenaultMagnum's - TerryDivision A23-High Finish101
Jason AtchisonCrown & Lion - KrisDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Jarred BachooCeltic Club - JimDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Steve BrownIvy Bridge - SteveDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Colin CainesSpot One - SabrinaDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Robin CrockerOscars - RobinDivision A22-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Peggy EtheridgeIvy Bridge - SteveDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Roy GreenhamSpot One - SabrinaDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Garry KalcsicsOscar's - GarryDivision A22-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Kevin KeatingIvy Bridge - SteveDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Justin LabelleCrown & Lion - KrisDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Rich LandriaultCeltic Club - JimDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Claude MartinIvy Bridge - AdamDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Tom MinutilloOscars - RobinDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Jeff ParkCeltic Club - JimDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Joe PatersonOscars - RobinDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Mike RosartOscars - RobinDivision A22-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Glen WyvillIvy Bridge - SteveDivision A21-High Scoresx1