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 Division A2
Team Team Pts W16W15WK14WK13WK12 Win-Loss MatchPts WLT DCktD 601S 501 Last 5 AVG
Crown & Lion - Alex2712-411-511-59-712-4162-8016213-2-141-1935-2584-36WWWWW.669
Ivy Bridge - Adam227-93-136-109-74-12141-11514111-5-036-2838-2667-61LLLWL.551
Oscars - Jim194-1213-311-59-711-5149-1071499-6-139-2537-2773-55LWWWW.582
Crown & Lion - Kris166-1012-413-37-912-4133-1231337-7-235-2930-3468-60LWWLW.520
Ivy Bridge - Steve1515-15-1110-67-99-7115-1121157-8-130-2630-2655-56WLWLW.507
Magnum's - Terry1410-614-15-117-95-11128-1261287-9-036-2837-2755-71WWLLL.504
Spot One - Randy139-74-125-1115-17-9119-1371195-8-327-3732-3260-68WLLWL.465
Jake's Boathouse - Meaghan21-151-143-131-154-1247-194471-15-04-569-5132-87LLLLL.195


 Week 17 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week