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Team W5W4W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT D 601DCktS 501 Last 5 AVG PTS MP
Spot One - Denise9-712-4 12-49-742-224-0-012-411-519-13WWWW.656428
R.C.L Br 15 - Floyd7-913-310-66-10 36-282-2-012-410-614-18LWWL.563364
Spot One - Sabrina6-10 10-610-67-933-312-2-06-107-920-12LWWL.516334
C&A - Max10-64-126-10 11-531-332-2-07-97-917-15WLLW.484314
R.C.L Br 15 - Donna 3-136-104-125-1118-460-4-03-135-1110-22LLLL.281180


 Week 5 All Stars
6 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Alex RaposeiroSpot One - SabrinaAA5-180x1
   1-High Scoresx4
   2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Rick DoucetteSpot One - DeniseAA1-High Scoresx3
   2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Ivan GambleSpot One - DeniseAA1-High Scoresx1
   2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Adam KingsonC&A - MaxAA3-High Finish122
   2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Floyd OsmondR.C.L Br 15 - FloydAA1-High Scoresx2
Jarvis PayneSpot One - DeniseAA1-High Scoresx2
Mike PowerSpot One - DeniseAA5-180x1
   1-High Scoresx1
Chris ScuttR.C.L Br 15 - FloydAA1-High Scoresx1
   2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Khadar AjodhaC&A - MaxAA1-High Scoresx1
Sean ChettleSpot One - SabrinaAA1-High Scoresx1
Daniel DezoeteC&A - MaxAA1-High Scoresx1
Dean HoskinsSpot One - SabrinaAA1-High Scoresx1
Ben JessoSpot One - SabrinaAA1-High Scoresx1
Ray ManzanaresSpot One - DeniseAA1-High Scoresx1
Max MeharrieC&A - MaxAA2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Lloyd SheppardR.C.L Br 15 - FloydAA2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Glen SmithSpot One - DeniseAA1-High Scoresx1
Adam ThomasR.C.L Br 15 - FloydAA1-High Scoresx1