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Team W16W15W14W13W12 Win-Loss WLT D 601DCktS 501 Last 5 AVG PTS MP
Spot One - Denise7-913-314-2 10-6139-6912-1-037-1536-1666-38LWWWW.66813924
C&A - Max11-512-42-1410-6 106-1018-5-025-2728-2453-50WWLWW.51210616
R.C.L Br 15 - Floyd 3-1311-56-109-7102-907-5-029-1928-2045-51LWLWL.53110214
Spot One - Sabrina9-74-12 8-87-996-1124-8-122-3022-3052-52WLTLL.462969
R.C.L Br 15 - Donna5-11 5-118-86-1068-1390-12-115-3714-3839-64LLTLL.329681

 Week 17 Results
R.C.L Br 15 - Floyd vs.Spot One - Sabrina 
C&A - Max had a bye this week.
Spot One - Denise vs.R.C.L Br 15 - Donna 

 Week 17 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week