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Team wk 25wk 24wk 23wk 22wk 21 Win-Loss WLT 601TD1401SD2 Last 5 Average Points
Wickies Posse5-46-37-25-46-3117-9914-10-09-1523-2558-3827-21WWWWW.542117
Darty Deeds5-43-67-24-56-3108-10814-10-09-1528-2046-5025-23WLWLW.500108
Just The Tips4-53-65-45-44-5107-10913-11-012-1222-2642-5431-17LLWWL.495107
Anything Goes 2-72-74-54-53-699-1179-15-011-1322-2647-4919-29LLLLL.45899
The Dart Knights7-26-32-74-53-698-1187-17-013-1120-2847-4918-30WWLLL.45498


 Week 25 All Stars
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jon BarryDarty Deeds4thHigh Scorex1
Don DimwoodieAnything Goes 4thHigh Finish