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 Tuesday 1
Team W13W12W11W10W9 Win-Loss WLT 501 SCr. DCr. S501 D601 Last 5 Average Points
Red, White & Brew(Mike)9-0†3-16†9-1015-410-9146-839-4-029-2115-530-204-58-2WLLWW.638146
GJOA (Tommy) 10-9†16-3†P-P9-10P-P140-639-2-028-1211-525-154-46-2WWLWL.690140
Rhythm & Booze (Mike)9-10†13-6†10-910-910-9132-10910-3-021-2910-1029-216-45-5LWWWW.548132
Johnny Pumps (Coca)0-9†6-13†P-P4-159-10129-837-5-028-1711-731-147-25-4LLLLW.608129
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.


 Week 13 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
Tuesday 3Kelly's (Scott) 2018-10-292no text for week of 10/23