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Team W20W19W18W17W16 Win-Loss WLT S501T701D601 Last 5 AVG PTS
Bulls Hitters7-48-3 6-54-7124-8513-6-066-4821-1737-20WWWLW.593124
Shoot "N" Blanks5-64-7 2-94-7114-959-10-064-5024-1426-31LLLLL.545114
Dart Dynasty7-43-8 6-56-5108-10114-5-058-5625-1325-32WLWWW.517108
Beer Drummers6-56-57-46-55-6110-11010-10-060-6024-1626-34WWWWL.500110
Sonny's Dream4-75-6P-P9-27-4104-1058-11-058-5617-2129-28LLWWW.498104
Chucks Chuckers4-77-4P-P5-69-2102-1078-11-056-5816-2230-27LWLWL.488102
Darts of Hazard1-103-8 5-67-474-1355-14-045-698-3021-36LLLWW.35474


 Week 20 All Stars
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Marc GagneDart DynastyE180x1
Paul HaighBulls HittersE180x1
Mark NotchaBeer DrummersE100+ Out102