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 B West
Team W3W2WK1 Win-Loss WLT DCDCD501S501 Last 5 Average Points
The Nasty Boyz12-38-710-530-153-0-08-16-36-310-8WWW.66730
Bulls on Parade 10-512-322-82-0-02-45-16-09-3WW.73322
All Blacks7-88-73-1218-271-2-06-34-52-76-12LWL.40018
Pit Bulls8-75-105-1018-271-2-04-53-64-57-11WLL.40018
d'Artagnans 7-88-715-151-1-02-44-24-25-7LW.50015
A Nightmare on Elm Street 7-86-913-170-2-00-62-43-38-4LL.43313
Here Comes Treble 5-107-812-180-2-02-40-63-37-5LL.40012


 Week 3 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Yoni KamilThe Nasty BoyzB West130-169140
Paul KeodpromThe Nasty BoyzB West130-169140
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
William BuckleyThe Nasty BoyzB West130-169140
Neil Mccolm#DCMCB West130-169140
Derek MortonPit BullsB West130-169140
Luke Van Wyck#DCMCB WestFinish 101+126