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Pos Name Team Name WP MemSCDCD501 PPW AS 130*130*H101+F101+FH3CKT11H AVG PTS
1Aaron BickleBalrogs6Yes3-35-14-25000000000.66730
1Giggs RussellC Eagles1Yes0-11-01-04000000000.6674
1Sean CowanDart Bags4Yes2-21-23-14000000000.54516
1Marianne FowlerWe Drink and We Throw Things6Yes3-32-53-23.67000000000.44422
1Byam ByamBalrogs6Yes1-52-44-32.67000000000.36816
1Larry BroomeBull Dogs1Yes0-01-00-02000000001.0002
1Paul KeodpromDart Bags3Yes0-31-20-30.67000000000.1112
1Nadia AjodhiaWe Drink and We Throw Things3Yes0-21-21-11.33000000000.2864
1Vicky WardBalrogs5Yes2-31-33-03.2000000000.50016
1Melda BroomeBull Dogs4Yes0-41-31-31000000000.1674
1William Delli ColliDart Bags5Yes3-02-30-43.8100000000.41719
1Taheer DatooBulls on Parade5Yes3-13-22-24.4000000000.61522
1Chris SayerBalrogs6Yes1-52-43-32.3311140000000.33314
1Chelsea BroomeBull Dogs6Yes1-52-43-32.3311138000000.33314
1Jesse ClippertonDart Bags1Yes0-11-01-04000000000.6674
1Camilo OrtegaBulls on Parade6Yes4-24-24-25.33000000000.66732
1Gord CronkhiteC Eagles6Yes3-36-04-25.33000000000.72232
1Lara BroomeBull Dogs5Yes3-34-11-44.411130000000.50022
1Barb BangleDart Bags4Yes1-31-31-32000000000.2508
1Lukas WojcickiBulls on Parade5Yes5-05-04-17.6000000000.93338
1Ian DaviesBalrogs4Yes3-12-12-25000000000.63620
1Chris CampbellC Eagles4Yes0-42-21-31.5000000000.2506
1Noah AhferomBull Dogs3Yes0-31-21-21.33000000000.2224
1Niall ReidWe Drink and We Throw Things5Yes3-23-03-1620000011800.75030
1Mitchell BaxterBulls on Parade6Yes2-44-25-14.33000000000.61126
1Jesse WilsonBalrogs4Yes1-30-43-02.5000000000.36410
1Brad FortnerC Eagles5Yes3-12-34-04.8000000000.69224
1Lilly BroomeBull Dogs1Yes0-10-11-02000000000.3332
1Jenni CowdyWe Drink and We Throw Things3Yes0-21-21-21.33000000000.2504
1Andrew TomkinsBalrogs5Yes3-24-12-34.811140000000.60024
1Jay MillerC Eagles6Yes4-26-04-26111000000.77836
1Lou PelusoDart Bags1Yes0-01-00-02000000001.0002
1Joseph SalinaWe Drink and We Throw Things6Yes5-13-33-35.33000000000.61132

WP - Weeks Played
SC - Singles Chicago
DC - Doubles Cricket
D501 - Doubles 501
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
130* - Summer 130-169
101+F - Finish 101+
3CKT - 3 Trebles or Double Bulls
130+ - Score 130-169
1 - 130-169
1 - 170+
PTS - Points
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