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 Scarborough City Dart League

President:  Robert Levy
Vice President:   Wanda Campbell, 2nd Vice,Gary Flannery
Statistician:  Donna Anderson
Treasurer:  Debbie Wheeler
Secretary:  Jennifer Vincent
Rules: Earl Rowe
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No divisions selected for this season
No divisions selected for this season

 League History & Membership Information

Scarborough City Dart League is entering it's 33 rd Season.

A team must consist of a minimum of six (6) players, and may have up to a maximum of nine (9) players and a non-playing captain. If a team captain wishes to add a player(s) the request is to be in writing to the S.C.D.L executive prior to the November 2017 Captains Meeting.

All new players must be approved by the executive of the Scarborough City Dart League prior to their eligibility to play. Approval is based upon the skill level of the player being requested to add, the skill level of the players already on the team, and the division in which the team has been placed by the League. Approvals are made by a minimum of two (2) of the executive, and will take 1-2 weeks.

All players, add players and non-playing team captains must be paid in full to receive any awards, and to have full voting rights.

Teams are assigned to a division depending upon the skill level of the players you register on the team, at the time of registration. The executive of the Scarborough City Dart League ranks its players based upon their performance in the S.C.D.L. The executive reserves the right to assign ranking to new players to the league depending upon their experience and involvement in other dart leagues. If a player played in the S.C.D.L last year, the executive will use S.C.D.L ranking first and only. If a player did not play in our league last year but played in a previous year, or in another league we will use those rankings to determine a ranking for this season. For the 2017-2018 season,


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