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Team AVG Win-Loss D-Crk501D5011001S-Crk PTS
Garage Darts University037-115-16-66-00-09-337
Justice League.77120-123-14-43-10-04-420
The Maters.62528-205-18-42-40-06-628
Living Room Darts, Inc..58327-372-68-84-40-07-927
The Manglers.4226-101-12-20-20-02-26
Gom Jabbar.37510-380-64-81-50-04-810

Team AVG Win-Loss D-Crk501D5011001S-Crk PTS
Toe -N- Throw.20851-138-014-24-40-013-351
Ton of Trouble.79735-135-16-65-10-09-335
No Bull.72929-193-38-44-20-07-529
Mike Hunt's Team.43821-273-34-84-20-03-921
Tauk About It.43813-192-24-41-30-03-513
Dart Nutz.4064-560-62-140-80-02-144


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