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Pos Name Division WP D501LegsAS W/L PPW AS 180171H InH InHHOutHOutH AVG PTS
12Moose Trophy ChasersBMDL160-0-0-0178-6211.13854070170111260.742178
27Moose HeadsBMDL160-0-0-0165-7510.31691105016081430.688165
33Navy TorpedosBMDL170-0-0-0144-1118.47611024717021200.565144
45Rossini LionsBMDL170-0-0-0101-1545.9459204916081540.396101
54German Barrel TossersBMDL170-0-0-0127-1287.4743103816041170.498127
68German Broken ArrowsBMDL170-0-0-0109-1466.4132122612031160.427109
61ANAF Scotty'sBMDL170-0-0-0102-153632412415231360.400102
86Navy StokersBMDL170-0-0-079-1764.6523121812021080.31079

WP - Weeks Played
D501 - D 501
AS - All Star
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
180 - 180
171 - 171
H In - High In
HOut - High Out
PTS - Points
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