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Pos Name Division WP 501SD1701TD2 PPW AS 171+HFHFT AVG PTS
122s R Us1st827-512-48-014-27.631912700.84761
2The Millenial Falcon1st823-915-17-113-37.2574300.80658
3Broken Arrow2nd825-713-35-312-46.8811000.76455
3Queens Own2nd825-713-38-09-76.8810100.76455
5 Big Birds2nd819-1312-45-312-467341060.66748
6One Foot In 1st822-1011-53-511-55.8877000.65347
8 Beeton Babes2nd817-159-74-411-55.1300000.56941
9The Steyn House Rangers2nd816-167-96-211-5511000.55640
10Queens 41st815-1711-55-38-84.8885300.54239
11Just One More Shot1st817-158-84-47-94.5108200.50036
12Tips & Shaft2nd815-178-84-47-94.2500000.47234
12The Bull Dogs2nd817-116-85-26-84.2510100.47234
15Darts Of Hazards1st815-176-103-58-8411000.44432
17Whats The Point 1st810-224-125-310-63.637521200.40329
17Here For The Beer 1st813-196-101-79-73.6311000.40329
19The Wild Six2nd89-195-90-74-103.3800000.37527
20Darts 3652nd88-244-124-45-112.6300000.29221
20Doubles Are Easy1st87-254-124-46-102.6300000.29221
22Dirty Water Boys 1st811-213-131-72-142.1310100.23617
23The Dart Knights2nd89-230-161-76-1021011140.22216
24Double Couples2nd88-244-121-72-141.8800000.20815

WP - Weeks Played
501S - 501 Singles
D1 - 601 Doubles1
701T - 701 teams
D2 - 601 Doubles 2
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
171+ - High Score
HF - High Finish
PTS - Points
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