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Team W10W9W8W7W6 Win-Loss WLT 301DCrktD5 Last 5 AVG PTS
Yale Terrace Brewery13-1119-521-3 19-5168-489-0-081-2748-639-15WWWWW.778168
Rocky's 224-013-1112-1213-115-19146-707-1-174-3435-1937-17WWTWL.676146
Rocky's 111-13 12-1222-217-7145-716-2-176-3235-1934-20LTWWW.671145
Knights of Columbus 217-711-1320-420-4 123-934-4-162-4637-1724-30WLWWL.569123
Yale 27-1714-103-2111-137-1792-1244-5-041-6728-2623-31LWLLL.42692
Corner Bar 5-194-202-2214-1064-1522-6-137-719-4518-36LLLWL.29664
Westfield 20-2410-14 4-2010-1447-1690-9-021-879-4517-37LLLLL.21847
Jessie's     34-382-1-018-1810-86-12WWL.47234
Knights of Columbus 1     24-480-3-012-242-1610-8LLL.33324
Westfield American Legion     21-510-3-010-263-158-10LLL.29221


 Week 10 All Stars
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Kris BenderRocky's 1ECDLHigh In92
   High Out83
Rich Yale Yale Terrace BreweryECDLHigh In94
   High Out80
Pete YTBYale Terrace BreweryECDLC7x1
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Scott S. (R2)Rocky's 2ECDLC5x1
Art TaylorKnights of Columbus 2ECDLC5x1
Brian Yale 2Yale 2ECDLHigh In76
Jesse Yale 2Yale 2ECDLC5x2
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Frank DickinsonKnights of Columbus 2ECDLHigh In75
Joe SantilloRocky's 1ECDLSharpshooters121
Charlie WestfieldWestfield 2ECDLHigh In86
   High In80
Jose Y2Yale 2ECDLC5x1
Paul YTBYale Terrace BreweryECDLC5x1
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Eddie HortaRocky's 2ECDLC5x2
Sean MulvaneyKnights of Columbus 2ECDLSharpshooters98
Frank NagyKnights of Columbus 2ECDLC5x1
Tedd NugentWestfield 2ECDLHigh In76
Jim W. (R2)Rocky's 2ECDLHigh In115
Rich WeberRocky's 1ECDLSharpshooters140
Scott Y2Yale 2ECDLC5x1
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jimmy C.Rocky's 2ECDLSharpshooters95
Jocelyn W2Westfield 2ECDLB3x1
Tan Yale 1Yale Terrace BreweryECDLSharpshooters95
Chris YTBYale Terrace BreweryECDLHigh In106