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Team AVG Win-Loss D-Crk5011001D501701S-Crk WLT
Triple Trump 011-51-13-10-02-00-02-21-0-0
No Drama.68829-195-16-60-03-30-07-52-1-0
The Manglers.60426-222-410-20-04-20-04-82-1-0
Suicide Squad.54223-254-23-90-03-30-06-61-2-0
The Maters.47922-263-36-60-02-40-06-62-1-0

Team AVG Win-Loss D-Crk5011001D501701S-Crk WLT
Whiny Steve.31333-71-111-10-04-20-012-03-0-0
Ton of Trouble.77323-213-16-60-02-40-07-52-1-0
No Bull.52322-262-47-50-03-30-05-71-2-0
Toe -N- Throw.45816-322-44-80-03-30-02-101-2-0
Dart Nutz.3334-361-10-120-00-60-02-100-3-0


 Week 15 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week