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Arlington Dart League - News

Outstanding Dues / Roster Freeze

HI All,
Rosters will close 11/20 and no further changes will be accepted.   

Any team that still has outstanding dues will play their home games at an away location
until the dues are paid in full beginning November 27th.

If any unpaid player is added to a score sheet after the 27th, it will result in a forfeit.
This includes substitute players.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Added on: Tuesday, November 20, 2018

New score sheet process!

Reminder of the Score Sheet Process

Scoresheet books will be replaced by single sheets of the scorebooks. 
Copies are available from the league or can be downloaded from the league website under "League Downloads"
The scoresheets will be folded down the middle, the away team will fill out its players for the first match
and then the home team will list its players.

At the conclusion of the match, both captains will sign and take a picture of the scoresheet.
They will both send the picture to the League Scorekeeper.
The home team captain will enter the scores on the league website.
The home team will keep the paper copy to use while uploading the scores and to keep for their records.

Scoresheets must be sent to the League Scorekeeper at:
If it cannot be clearly read, a new image will be requested.

If scores are not entered on the league website by 12 Noon, Saturday, penalties will be assessed.
Complete information regarding scoresheets can be found under Section IX in the League rules.

Added on: Monday, October 8, 2018