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Team 4012Crkt3012b501Crkt Win-Loss AVG WLT PTS
Harrison Elks24-2019-1421-2320-1323-21146-118.5537-4-0146
Central Lounge20-2022-824-1618-1219-21143-97.5967-2-1143
Wild Rover 230-1416-1722-2217-1624-20142-122.5388-3-0142
Hinchy's 220-2014-1622-1816-1420-20122-118.5085-4-1122
Reilly's 319-2111-1917-2315-1522-18110-130.4581-6-3110
Polka Dot19-2313-1921-209-2216-24100-164.3791-10-0100


 Top Player Of The Week
WinnerPat MarchesaniWild Rover
Runner-UpRich EnsmengerEuroPub
   Game of the Week
WinnerTom Crielly (.200) defeated Butch Almodar (.750) in 401 Singles
WinnerKyle GoltschDonegal 2
Runner-UpMark HusseiniDonegal 2
   Game of the Week
WinnerAndrew Mobus + Courtney Irwin (.137) defeated Pat McLoughlin + John DeMarco (.691) in Doubles Cricket
WinnerJuan DelgadoWild Rover 2
Runner-UpJeff PintoCentral Lounge
   Game of the Week
WinnerArchie Mejia (.222) defeated Gabe Carrion (.714) in 401 Singles

 Week 12 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Juan DelgadoWild Rover 2CAll Star Points125
   All Star Points120
James OstagReilly's 3CAll Star Points120
   All Star Points107
Brian WoodReilly's 3CAll Star Points101
   All Star Points98
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Erik DaRochaHinchy's 2CAll Star Points121
Jim FrankWild Rover 2CAll Star Points100
Angel GarciaLCCCAll Star Points160
Daniel HidrovoHarrison ElksCAll Star Points105
Brady MarinhoLCCCAll Star Points99
Archie MejiaWild Rover 2CAll Star Points124
John PariseReilly's 3CAll Star Points120
Jeff PintoCentral LoungeCAll Star Points105
Juan VillanuevaCentral LoungeCAll Star Points120
Eric VitiniWild Rover 2CAll Star Points100