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Team 4012Crkt3012b501Crkt Win-Loss AVG WLT PTS
Harrison Elks37-3130-2137-3130-2135-33229-179.56110-5-2229
Central Lounge38-2633-1534-3029-1932-32228-156.59410-2-4228
Wild Rover 243-2524-2733-3523-2835-33205-203.50210-6-1205
Hinchy's 228-3623-2533-3127-2135-29196-188.5108-7-1196
Reilly's 330-3421-2727-3724-2434-30181-203.4713-8-5181
Polka Dot29-3718-3237-2817-3227-37163-245.4003-13-1163

 Week 20 Results
Reilly's 3 vs.Hinchy's 2 
Harrison Elks vs.LCC 
Central Lounge vs.Polka Dot 
Wild Rover 2 had a bye this week.

 Top Player Of The Week
   Caclulations have not been made.

 Week 20 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week