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Team 4012Crkt3012b501Crkt Win-Loss AVG WLT PTS
Wild Rover 211-57-56-107-59-754-42.5633-1-054
Harrison Elks9-75-79-76-610-650-46.5212-2-050
Polka Dot6-107-59-74-89-746-50.4791-3-046
Central Lounge8-46-37-55-45-742-30.5833-0-042
Hinchy's 27-54-55-76-34-836-36.5002-1-036
Reilly's 35-74-55-73-66-630-42.4170-2-130


 Top Player Of The Week
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 Week 4 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jimmy OBrienPolka DotCAll Star Points120
   All Star Points100
   All Star Points96
James OstagReilly's 3CAll Star Points125
   All Star Points120
   All Star Points105
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Frank CrupiReilly's 3CAll Star Points120
   All Star Points95
Erik DaRochaHinchy's 2CAll Star Points100
   All Star Points98
Juan DelgadoWild Rover 2CAll Star Points140
   All Star Points100
John MeloCentral LoungeCAll Star Points99
   All Star Points97
Irvin MerlosWild Rover 2CAll Star Points100
   All Star Points100
Dan StadnickiReilly's 3CAll Star Points100
   All Star Points98
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Kyle CabreraHinchy's 2CAll Star Points95
Steve CampoWild Rover 2CAll Star Points120
Jorge DaCunhaHinchy's 2CAll Star Points95
Tony Espaillat Harrison ElksCAll Star Points120
Chris FerreiraHinchy's 2CAll Star Points95
Jack FerreiraCentral LoungeCAll Star Points100
John HorvathHarrison ElksCAll Star Points95
Jerry KlechaPolka DotCAll Star Points140
Jesse MartinezReilly's 3CAll Star Points120
Rob MortimerPolka DotCAll Star Points95
John PintoCentral LoungeCAll Star Points108
Eric VelosoHinchy's 2CAll Star Points105
Juan VillanuevaCentral LoungeCAll Star Points99
Brian WoodReilly's 3CAll Star Points98