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Pos Name Team Name WP D W/L PPW AS 180171H InH InHHOutHOutH AVG
1Gerry LeverGerman Barrel Tossers00-00-0010011060000000
1Cory RogalMoose Heads00-00-0010011000000000
1Dave JonesNavy Stokers00-00-00110000000000
1Graeme ScrimgeourGerman Barrel Tossers00-00-0010011000000000
1Randy NockMoose Heads00-00-0020021050000000
1Keith KleinstuberMoose Trophy Chasers00-00-0031021150000000
1Brandon HowickRossini Lions00-00-0010011000000000
1Brian HukGerman Barrel Tossers00-00-0021011180000000
1Dave WestwoodMoose Heads00-00-003001101211900000
1Tom RoseMoose Trophy Chasers00-00-0020021010000000
1Curtis SaundersRossini Lions00-00-0051041200000000
1Ernie SinclairGerman Broken Arrows00-00-0020021200000000
1Bob SedmanNavy Torpedos00-00-0010000110900000
1Charlie MacDonaldMoose Trophy Chasers00-00-0042021200000000
1Peter WeddelRossini Lions00-00-0021011200000000
1Alan TyrrellGerman Broken Arrows00-00-0010011080000000
1Henry RuuskaNavy Torpedos00-00-00110000000000
1Steve LowshlinMoose Trophy Chasers00-00-0021011200000000
1Mike CareyRossini Lions00-00-0010011000000000
1Rick CromwellGerman Broken Arrows00-00-00110000000000
1Shawn GarrettNavy Torpedos00-00-0010011000000000
1Joe LaingMoose Trophy Chasers00-00-002001112110700000
1James KnightANAF Scotty's00-00-0010000112400000
1Jimmy MudfordGerman Broken Arrows00-00-0010011220000000
1Tim DenholmNavy Torpedos00-00-0010011010000000
1Darren HutsonGerman Barrel Tossers00-00-002001100111400000
1Darryl GambleMoose Heads00-00-0010000110400000
1John WatsonNavy Stokers00-00-0010011080000000

WP - Weeks Played
D - D501
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
180 - 180
171 - 171
H In - High In
HOut - High Out
PTS - Points
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