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Team W13W12W11W10W9 Win-Loss WLT ckt301S501D Last 5 Average Points
Dart-Vaders 7-56-68-410-277-556-1-421-1243-2313-20WTWWT.58377
Sexy and we throw it5-77-55-74-85-772-605-4-217-1639-2716-17LWLLL.54572
Warriors7-57-59-3 5-772-605-4-219-1433-3320-13WWWLT.54572
Brew Dawgs8-45-76-63-97-569-756-4-219-1735-3715-21WLTLW.47969
Olivers Twisted4-85-7 9-37-568-646-5-015-1831-3522-11LLWWW.51568
Clubbers9-35-77-59-3 60-723-7-113-2032-3415-18WLWWL.45560
Scrubs3-9 3-93-92-1050-822-8-113-2021-4516-17LLLLL.37950
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.

 Week 14 Results
Sexy and we throw it @Scrubs 
Dart-Vaders @Olivers Twisted 
Brew Dawgs had a bye this week.
Clubbers @Warriors 

 Week 14 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
B-EastRed Heads and the Drunken Monkeys2017-09-104Used illegal players