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Team W15W14W13W12W11 Win-Loss WLT ckt301S501D Last 5 Average Points
Cork Blockers7-510-28-49-310-2122-5813-1-137-860-3025-20WWWWW.678122
Brew Dawgs5-75-75-78-45-790-906-8-118-2744-4628-17LLLWL.50090
Ace Holes8-46-66-63-97-580-1004-6-519-2640-5021-24WTTLW.44480
Projectile Dysfunction5-72-106-64-83-974-1062-10-319-2643-4712-33LLTLL.41174
Olivers Twisted7-56-67-53-92-1073-1075-8-219-2633-5721-24WTWLL.40673
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Week 15 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Ryan HathawayOlivers TwistedA-East Tonsx3
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Gary BrustasAce HolesA-East High In100
John CahoonWarriorsA-East High In132
Roger CahoonBrew DawgsA-East Tonsx1
Jeff GruensternProjectile DysfunctionA-East Tonsx2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Kevin BoyanCork BlockersA-East Tonsx1
Melanie CorsoProjectile DysfunctionA-East High In100
Ed CunhaBrew DawgsA-East High Out142
Ronnie HolmesWarriorsA-East Tonsx1
Travis JohnsonOlivers TwistedA-East Tonsx1
Dave KosharekAce HolesA-East Tonsx1
Thomas McGilluearyOlivers TwistedA-East Corks3
Tom PlanteCork BlockersA-East Tonsx1
Ken RebelloProjectile DysfunctionA-East Tonsx1
Gillian RichmondBrew DawgsA-East High In110
Dan RobillardCork BlockersA-East Corks3
Jon SwansonCork BlockersA-East Tonsx1
Wilson TanonOlivers TwistedA-East Tonsx1
Ed WheldenOlivers TwistedA-East Tonsx1

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
CLast Kids Picked2018-02-142Due to infractions with outside alcohol not purchased at venue