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Pos Name Division WP 601CR301 PPW AS 180H-InH-OutLDGRO-6CRO'sRO-9TON AVG PTS
2Sport Zone - ClownsC1013-520-732-227.22701200N/A018027720.67972
3Captain Johns - Krazys KrewD1015-314-1334-1872401060N/A06025440.64870
4Chuffed to BitsA11011-716-1132-226.6581152114120132059550.62366
7Am Leg NC -Legion of DOOMB1011-917-1336-246.43401200N/A023037700.58264
8FF Club - Null & BoysB1010-1014-1536-226390120101N/A0152039370.56160
9Been Had 100'sC1012-818-1231-286.1240102012012033690.56061
10Am. Legion NC - F-BombsB1011-714-1324-305.6310142100N/A013048710.52856
11TJ Callahans - HurricanesC108-1214-1632-275.4351152102N/A06045340.49554
12Captain Johns MutinyD109-1117-1328-325.42001200N/A018019700.49154
13PAC Bad CompanyA1109-914-1325-274.8470160104N/A095050220.46248
14Rendezvous - VousDoo TooC109-912-1524-304.91501320N/A018013520.44549
15TJ Callahans - ChaosA2109-1115-1524-344.84901320N/A095038510.44448
16Elks Nashua - WTFB109-911-1620-344.7361120112N/A011039830.44347
17TJ Callahans - HookasC108-1010-1726-284.41601120N/A06015850.41544
18Zoning inD106-1011-1318-304.21411180N/A013012250.41242
19Grainery Pub- CorksuckersA2107-1311-1924-364.24701200N/A0100146220.38242
20Catchers Mitt - ClownsA2106-148-2220-403.45101600N/A0155048240.30934
21Jokers - DartinisD105-157-2315-452.71101100N/A02505310.24527
22K Of C Avengers B104-128-1512-342.42101200N/A039017490.24224

WP - Weeks Played
601 - 601
CR - Teams Cricket
301 - 301 Singles
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
180 - 180
H-In - High In
H-Out - High Out
LDG - Low Dart Game
RO-6C - RO 6 - Cork
RO's - RO's
RO-9 - RO-9
TON - Ton's
PTS - Points
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