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Pos Name Division WP T601D501DCRIS501 PPW AS HF170CR96BULL171+HF99+ AVG PTS
2Duchess 1Open914-419-822-540-14000100.754
3Vet's 1Open912-618-922-539-1500031300.722
4Low ProfileOpen912-614-1315-1230-2401001190.563
5Star ShootersOpen99-912-1518-928-26000200.532
7Nuttin' But BullOpen89-715-914-1024-24000100.554
10Pint PigsOpen86-1012-1211-1321-2701001150.446
11Game !!Open87-910-1411-1319-2900001030.420
12On7 1Open89-79-158-1619-29000000.402
13Ailing Ale'rsOpen88-86-186-1821-27000000.366
15Dart RaidersOpen84-129-155-1920-28000100.339
16Bull ShootersOpen86-106-189-1516-32000100.330

WP - Weeks Played
T601 - Triples 601
D501 - Doubles 501
DCRI - Doubles Cricket
S501 - Singles 501.
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
HF170 - High Finish170 3PT
CR9 - Cricket 9 1PT
6BULL - 6 Bulls 1PT
171+ - 171-180 1PT
HF99+ - High Finish 99 1PT
PTS - Points
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